MSM: The Private Label Skincare Staple

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There is most definitely a group of private label skincare staples that deliver time and time again, no matter what. These are the ingredients that you will find occurring over and over again in ingredient decks because of their essential nature. Some of them are superstars at keeping formulas properly blended, others are expert natural preservatives, and others still show up time and again because your skin loves them so much. MSM is one of those ingredients. Your skin loves MSM, and MSM loves your skin. The two love each other so much, in fact, that MSM is an essential building block for the very structure of your skin.

The Best Private Label Combos

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It’s really nice to have one private label skincare product that does multiple things: a serum that also moisturizes, a cleanser that also exfoliates, a night cream that also has AHA’s- these are all great and make it that much easier to have an effective skincare regimen because you don’t have to worry about having a different product for each one of your needs. Sometimes, however, one product just isn’t enough. And that’s where dynamic private label skincare duos come into play. Think of them as the necessary and effective one-two- punch of your skincare ritual.

The Easiest Raw Ingredients to Work With

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Whether you make your own beauty products by hand or choose to work with a private label skincare manufacturer like RainShadow Labs, there are certain ingredients that are easier to work with than others. Be it their cost, number of applications or texture, there are certain things that just make specific ingredients easier to work with when making skincare. When considering this, there are a few things to keep in mind, namely: safety, ease of incorporation and efficacy.

Private Label Sun Soothers

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Now that it’s the season of sunshine and playing outside, sunburn is something that hopefully all of us are keeping in our awareness as something to prevent and protect against. Depending on your level of regular sun exposure and skin tone you may or may not be particularly worried about getting burned. However, whether or not you actually get a sunburn, your skin can still benefit from post sun exposure care to calm, soothe and nourish. Though you can no doubt go out and buy a pre made private label product to do this, you don’t need to. All you do need is one, or two, high quality ingredients to keep your skin happy post sun exposure.

Private Label Smooth Skin Ingredients

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smooth skin Smooth skin- we all want it, we all love it. We admire it on newly born babies, apply makeup to try and make our own skin look more smooth and spend countless hours looking for the perfect private label skincare product to make our cheeks just a little more smooth. Promising miracle products isn’t something we do here. What we can do is tell you about some of our favorite smooth skin ingredients for use in every day skincare. Whether you’ve got dry cheeks, redness, wrinkles, or just want to maintain the complexion and texture you already have, take a look at some of our favorite smooth skin super stars...

Culinary Herbs Used in Private Label Skincare

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When you think of your skincare, do you also think of food? Probably not. Private label skincare is for your face and food is for eating, right? Yes and no. While you can’t necessarily eat all of your private label skincare, there are some culinary herbs that are used in the skincare world because of their benefits. Though the applications are not the same, the actual plants are. And far from being exotic, you may be surprised to learn that these same herbs are ones you use all the time in your cooking.

Are Wild Crafted Plants Better?

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The most obvious difference between wild crafted and cultivated plants is that one grows in the wild and one does not. Wild crafting usually requires someone to actually go out and collect the plant from outside of a garden, while a cultivated plant is just that- cultivated in a garden. One of the main benefits of choosing to use ethically wild crafted private label skincare ingredients when possible is that plants growing in the wild have to be stronger than plants that are cultivated in a garden. This is because they do not have a gardener to water, fertilize and otherwise protect them from the elements, so they must be strong enough to survive outside of the care of humans. This strength can translate into a higher concentration of beneficial properties within the plant, which can make it more valuable when used in your skincare routine.

How To Prevent and Get Rid of Redness

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clear bright skinOne of the tell tale signs of a healthy, well cared for complexion is the skin’s tone. If the skin tone is mottled, inflamed, sallow and dull looking, then chances are something’s wrong. Facial redness and inflammation are two very common skin complaints that are actually relatively easy to treat as long as you use the right private label skincare ingredients. With just a little bit of dialing in, you can effectively prevent and reduce redness and inflammation in your face.

DIY Tighten, Tone and Hydrate Mask

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Whether or not you’ve ever made your own skincare before, you really need to try this mask. It tightens, tones and hydrates all at the same time. It’s exceptionally easy to make, the ingredients are very affordable and perhaps the best part of it all is that you can adjust the amounts of any of the ingredients to suit your skin’s preference. In a world where high quality private label skincare can easily cost an arm and a leg, it’s nice to know that there are low cost options out there that deliver results.

Keep It Colorful!

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colorful raspberriesHave you ever marveled at the vividness of a summer flower? Or the insanely dark pigment of a blackberry? How about the brightness of a lemon, or even the simple yet rich hue of green in sweet spring grass? All of these things have one thing in common: antioxidants. Though color pigments are made up of more than just one thing, one thing they do all contain are antioxidants. In fact, a great way to tell if something, be it a food or private label skincare ingredient, is full of antioxidants is to look at its color. In short, if you want antioxidant rich skincare, then make it colorful.

Get Rid of Cystic Acne

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clear skin on jawlineCystic acne is one of the most painful, unsightly and frustrating skin complaints you could possibly have. The cysts can leave deep scars and darkly pigmented marks which makes their presence feel virtually impossible to recover from. Normal face washes don’t get rid of them, and many dermatological treatments only begin to scratch the surface of this deeply rooted and difficult skin issue. While cystic acne is best addressed from a number of different angles, here are a few things to consider when trying to heal yours:

Beat Those Blackheads!

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clear nose and faceBlackheads are the worst! They can seem impossible to get rid of, disrupt the texture of your skin and never take to makeup quite right. Nose strips, harsh washes and plain old picking are all black head solutions that don’t actually work, yet virtually every one of us has tried at some point. It can feel overwhelming, but don’t give up hope! We’ve got a few private label tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you beat those blackheads for good without damaging the rest of your skin.

Private Label Cellulite Remedies

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healthy skinCellulite is one of the most difficult and frustrating skin complaints to deal with. One of the reasons for this is because it can come from a combination of reasons that can be hard to pinpoint right away. Whether it be an internal or externally based issue, some people really struggle to get their cellulite under control. And for the private label skincare savvy, it can be a bit of a maze trying to find the best ingredients to help heal and prevent cellulite from occurring. Thankfully, RainShadow Labs has got you covered.

The Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

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jasmine flowerBlooming scents from all different kinds of flowers and plants are distilled into potent and precious nectar that can calm, soothe and enhance the mood. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or simply your weekly date night, essential oils are a great way to inspire the feelings of love and desire with their naturally aphrodisiac properties. Some scents lean towards the more flowery, feminine side of the aromatic spectrum, and others are considered to be more unisex in their smell. Whether you like bright and floral, or more deep and musky, there’s a private label essential oil scent for you.

Private Label Multi-taskers

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oil vialIn the world of private label skincare there are ingredients that are known and used for one specific purpose, and then there are ingredients that cover multiple bases at once. Both are important, both have their place and both work. But sometimes it’s so nice to work with ingredients that do more than one thing. Whether you have your own private label skincare line or just like your at home skincare routine to be simple and effective, these private label skincare ingredients are there for you to do all you need to do with minimal fuss and maximum results.

What NOT To Do If You Have Dry Skin

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dry skinDry skin, especially when improperly cared for and even aggravated by improper skincare practices, can not only be unsightly but can also be painful. While it might seem like a simple and straightforward issue to fix, the reality is that there are so many conflicting pieces of advice that some people end up doing more harm than good for their skin. Thankfully, proper dry skin care does not have to be hard, complicated or confusing. By following just a couple simple principles, you can heal your dry skin for good.

The Best Private Label Presents for Your Sweetheart

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oil bathGiving good gifts isn’t something that everyone is good at. For some, it comes naturally. For others, it takes quite a bit of forethought to figure out what the best gift might be for someone. And when it comes to their sweetheart or love interest, the pressure is on even more. In this situation, the last thing anyone needs is agitated nerves to make the pressure even worse. So, whether you excel at picking out the perfect gift or wish you could just hire the job out to someone else, we’ve got a list of some of the best private label skincare gifts to give to your sweetheart.

Spring Skincare Dos and Don’ts

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springtimeHere comes spring! The sun starts to shine more, the birds are up early singing, and the harsh outside bite is starting to noticeably retreat. And along with that outside bite goes the extra dryness you might have been experiencing during the winter. The question is whether or not you should keep on using that heavy winter moisturizer, stop altogether and let your skin adapt on its own, or switch up the private label products you’re using to match the weather. While it’s important that you pay attention to your skin’s own unique needs, there are some guiding principles to keep in mind as you transition into spring skincare.

Private Label Lip Ingredients

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healthy lips
  • What are some of the best ingredients for private label lip care? While there are many different private label skincare ingredients that benefit the lips, one category of ingredients is absolutely essential to everyday lip care: carrier oils.
  • What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are non-volatile plant oils that moisturize, heal and protect the skin. Whereas essential oils are extremely potent and only a few drops are needed to enhance a private label skincare formula, carrier oils are what make up the bulk of the formula and are gentle enough to use in large, un-diluted amounts.

How To Have A Natural Glow

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glowing skinLet’s face it, beautiful skin glows. Applying cosmetics like blush and bronzer give us a little help sometimes when our features and face need some color. But you don’t always want to have to rely on blush or bronzer for your bright and shiny glow, do you? While there’s nothing wrong with wearing cosmetics to help and highlight our faces, having healthy, vibrant and glowing skin is one of the best accessories and natural beauty products—ever. Now we’re not saying to throw out the blush, but allow us to give you some tips on how to have and maintain a natural glow so your other beauty products become luxuries instead of necessities.

The Private Label Skincare Trends to Watch in 2016

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rosemary oilWhile the word “trend” can tend to turn people off, the reality is that some things become trendy or quickly popular for a reason: they work. In the case of private label skincare, this couldn’t be more true. While some things come and go like waves in the ocean, others come and stay as they prove themselves to be worth the hype. What was once an ingredient or product of the moment becomes a trusted skincare ally that brands and customers seek out years after their market debut. Here’s our take on the ingredient and product trends to watch in 2016, since they might just become another addition to the tried and true list of private label skincare wonders.

The Best Private Label Eye Care Ingredients

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The skin on your eyes is special. Possessing no sebaceous glands of its own and a much thinner texture, this delicate and easily aged area relies on you to maintain its softness, glow, and youth. And just like for your face and the myriad signs of aging it can possess, your eyes do best with certain private label skincare ingredients. Whether you choose to include and use these special ingredients in an eye cream or all over face serum, just be sure you get them on everyday for long lasting youth and dermal strength around your eyes.

The Scoop On Oil Free Moisture

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lotionHave you ever used an oil free moisturizer before? Are you scared of using oil on your skin? A lot of people are. For them, oil means acne or a mid day shine that they just don’t want to deal with. So they turn to oil free moisture. But is it really necessary? Can people with oily skin use lipid based moisturizers with positive results? It all depends on the private label skincare ingredients you use to replace the oil. If they are the right ones, intelligently selected and of the best quality, you can still have beautiful, hydrated and soft skin without the oil.

Cleanse Your Body With Oil

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oil cleansingDo you oil cleanse? It’s so good for your skin! Though most people think of and use soap when it comes to cleaning their bodies, oil is actually quite the ideal replacement- especially when you use the right kind. Our private label skincare selection is full of wonderful soaps, but it wouldn’t be complete without an oil cleansing option. And that’s where our newest offering comes in: our Wash and Anoint Cleansing Oil. Simple, effective, softening and versatile, if you haven’t tried oil cleansing yet, now’s the perfect time.

Private Label Dark Spot Solutions

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healthy eyesYou can have the clearest skin in the world, but if you have dark spots, it won’t look that way. And they can last for months, making your skin look mottled and damaged. Dark spots, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, are some of the most difficult skin complaints to get rid of, in part because of how long they typically last on the skin. Ideally, you want to try to prevent them from occurring in the first place, but of course that doesn’t always happen. And for those times when hyperpigmentation gets the best of you, we’ve got these private label skincare ingredients to fade and heal those dark spots for good.