Soy Wax Candles for Your Private Label

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 7/21/2015 to Aromatherapy
Whether you meditate, like the look or appreciate the smell, candles have become popular additions to the home and spa. They make great gifts, brighten up a room, and can set the mood for a relaxing night at home. What you may not know is that, aside from the different fragrances used, not all candles are created the same. The type of wax used to make the candle has a great impact on the overall quality and safety of the candle, and that’s why we make sure to use the best, non-toxic, clean burning and biodegradable wax available.

While many candles are made using paraffin wax, we prefer to use natural soy wax. This is because it is completely biodegradable, vegetarian and burns clean. You don’t have to worry about sensitivities the way you would with a synthetic fragrance filled paraffin wax candle because we also use our 100% organic essential oils for the cleanest, purest and most integrity filled scents around. This makes our candles a great option for anyone who loves aromatherapy but doesn’t want to spend the money to buy a diffuser. As the wax melts with the heat of the flame, the essential oils in the candle release into the air for a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Our all natural soy wax also burns longer and produces less soot than paraffin wax, in turn keeping the air in your home cleaner and giving you more bang for your buck per candle. Each candle is individually hand poured and made using renewable ingredients in our renewable energy powered facility and are perfect as gifts for family and friends, to set the mood in your spa or home practice, or to add a refreshing and relaxing aroma to your home or bath.

If you have a private label skincare line and want to add a candle selection to your line up, consider using our natural soy wax candle selection with your choice of essential oil or natural fragrance for a clean, smart, and the highest of quality candle experience. Give your loved ones, clients, and maybe even yourself the gift of illuminated relaxation. The candle’s look is classy and clean, their aromas are pure and calming, and the money spent on them goes further as their burn time lasts longer. Skip the diffuser and light a candle instead!