A Guide to Our Website!,

It is our never ending intention to facilitate an unparalleled customer experience for you as our customer. With this in mind, we offer to you here a brief and effective tutorial on how to make the best use of our perpetually updated website. It will take a brief moment for you to read this, and will in turn open up an entire universe of information for your use as you create massive abundance for yourself with RSL as your Custom Formulation House. Go to www.rainshadowlabs.com, and let your fingers do the walking and our website do the talking.

Homepage: www.rainshadowlabs.com

From this page you can use the green bar across the top to get to anywhere on our site.  Also, the second box on the left-hand side will give you news of either new products or changes to the website. For example, right now it tells you to look for all the updated ingredient decks by checking out the words written in green.

Using the green bar.
This bar across the top of every page is your pathway to all RSL information.  If you take your mouse and just place over one of the words (don't click, just roll it onto the word) a menu will come down with various different navigation options. You can take your mouse down and click on any of those words in the menu and you will go to that information.  For example, if you put your mouse on the words "How to Order" in the green bar and menu comes up that gives you the options of:
We Offer
Custom Formulation
Terms and Conditions
Shipping Information

If you take your mouse and click on Custom Formulation, it will take you to the page that tells you all about how to design your custom product with us! On this page you will find a link to the list of our 160 locally grown, organic actives, or links that will take you to our fragrance list or our essential oils list
You can also find out all our Research & Development procss from this page, alongwith options on creating a custom sample.

When you are done with that page and want to move on to more, simply take your mouse back up to that green bar across the top and go to another topic.

The Alchemist Corner will tell you all about Vanessa, our CEO and Custom Formulator. You can read her bio, find her email address, and even learn about new products and ingredients we have just by clicking on Alchemist Corner.
From inside this page, you can scroll down and in the middle, on the right-hand side you will see links that will take to you other archived pages of information. You can read the story of our wildcrafted shea butter and the tribe of women you support with your purchases, or you can read about our Ocean Mineral Complex. This is also the page where you will soon find all the previous Under the Umbrella Newsletters!

If you go a little farther to the right on the green bar, you will see our Business Development page.  On this page you can read all about Tim and his business training opportunity. Tim has over 20 years of business owning experience and you can benefit from all that knowledge in his 180 Degress phone consultation program.  Read all about him and how he can be of service to you!

Now onto the most comprehesive word in the green bar: PRODUCTS!  This link will be your doorway to all our products, ingredient decks, price lists, and raw ingredients!  So, put your mouse on top of Products and see all the wonder that lies beneath!
Product Directory- this link is two fold. 
If you place your mouse on this word, you will get a menu to the right that says Price List. Clicking on Price List will bring up a separate window that will contain all our 1-gallon and 5-gallon prices, along with our prices for fragrances, essential oils, packaing, raw materials, colorants and more. The prices are listed in alphabetical order by their code so you do need to have the product code for this list.  You will need to allow pop-ups for this window to show up.
If you click on Product Directory, this will take you to the alphabetical listing of ALL our products. We know that we have so many products and it could be time consuming to decipher which ones fit into which category, so we have done the work for you! Here you will find all the products listed by their use/type (such as Lotions,  Cremes/Butters/Conditioners, Bubbling Gels/Cleansers/Shampoos, Oily Skin, Anti-Aging Skin, etc).  The products under each category will be listed in alphabetical order or, if you look off to the left and down just a little, there is a box with links to each and every category.
To print this page: make sure the Product Directory page is the one open on your screen.  Put your mouse anywhere in the middle of the page.  RIGHT click your mouse (not left like we normally do). This should bring up a window and in that window is a Print option. Click on print and follow your normal steps for printing.

Ingredient Decks- you will find the Ingredient Decks under Products on the green bar.  Simply place your mouse over the word Products, then click on Ingredient Decks in the menu.  This will bring up a separate window that will list all our products in alphabetical order by their item code. Again, you must allow pop-ups from our site for this window to show up.
Our Ingredient Decks include more than just what is used to make up the products. Vanessa has personally gone through and written extensive descriptions of each product and sometimes, when necessary, there are even instructions on how to use the products!  This page is extemely useful and is updated whenever we add new products or when our ingredients are updated.
The products on this page that are listed in green are the ones with new ingredient decks. Please note these changes.
The products in this page in cranberry are the new goddess products (launches in January of this year) and are available in back-bar sizes of 32 ounces.
The products listed in orange are the newest launch of products which are the Vitamin C line. 

We hope this information helps you navigate our website! If you want to place orders for samples or larger sizes, please email us at info@rainshadowlabs.com or call us at 503-366-3413.

Thank you for being such loyal customers and, please, let us know how we can be of service to you!