A Message from RSL Business Development

“Chop Wood, Carry Water.”

Manifesting…….Intending……..Creating……….they are popular words in our culture today, in part because of the massive success of the Mega Blockbuster Hit “The Secret”. While there is incredible value in connecting intention and vision for you life, still there is a second part to the equation that we at RainShadow Labs recite daily…….CHOP WOOD, CARRY WATER!!!! This simple mantra reminds us to tend to the daily tasks that are creating an amazing business community.

In our Business Development work, in-house and with our customers, we plant the seeds of Vision and Intention and then begin to tend the garden, doing the day-to-day that will make the vision a reality.

Create your vision, dream your dream, write it down; use it as your touchstone when your path is not clear…….and then remain focused on the day-to-day business processes that will inevitably build a successful business enterprise.

What you intend is rushing to meet you. Are you prepared to receive it?

For more information on Business Development opportunities with Tim and Vanessa, email Tim at tim@rainshadowlabs.com.