All Natural Essential Oils

For thousands of years, essential oils have been recognized and used for their therapeutic, relaxing, and mood-enhancing properties. Customers continue to seek out essential oils because they are a simple, safer natural ingredient as concerns over synthetic ingredients are growing. Whether used individually or in blends, essential oils can be inhaled, diffused, and even topically applied to promote a healthy and balanced life. As the popularity of these oils has spiked in recent years, now is a great time to create or grow your very own private label with RainShadow Labs. When you order from us, you'll have the option to choose from a variety of individual essential oils, as well as numerous blends like our Energizing/Uplift blend. You can even create your own formula! Additionally, you can design your own label for packaging. Take a moment to learn more about these natural essential oils and what makes them such a sought-after product.

Natural Essential Oils and Skin Care

While essential oils offer soothing and uplifting scents for the home, numerous skin care products also utilize these oils for their beneficial properties. View the list below for the most beneficial essential oils for skin care:
  • Frankincense: Great for helping skin look and feel smooth, firm and even-toned
  • Geranium: Geranium is great for helping skin age beautifully.
  • Myrrh: Myrrh's soothing properties make it a fantastic addition to a wide range of skincare formulas.
  • Patchouli: Especially popular in various skin and hair products, patchouli is one of the most widely used essential oils.

Additional Uses for Essential Oils

As mentioned, natural essential oils are often primarily used in the home for their soothing aromas. In addition to their beneficial properties in skin care, essential oils can work wonders for alleviating stress and headaches, inducing relaxation, and even soothing soreness. Quite frankly, the list of uses for essential oils is seemingly endless, especially when blended with others! Take a look below to see how else they can be beneficial:
  • Help leave skin moisturized
  • Use in relaxing massage oils

Natural Essential Oils and Blends from RainShadow Labs

As you can see, the list of uses for natural essential oils is quite extensive. These powerful oils can be used for a variety of discomforts, but they also provide soothing aromas around the home. Increasing in popularity, essential oils are the perfect addition to your own line of private label products. If you're interested in selling your own essential oils, or even formulating your own, take a look at our wide selection at RainShadow Labs.