Allantoin is Given the Overseas Boot

Posted by Susan on 5/21/2012 to Newsletters
Ooopsthey did it again! Our friends in Europe and Asia, that is. They changed the rules on us, again.
Whats going on here? Well, you may have the rumors about banning Allantoin recently. And, as it turns outsome of those rumors are true! Believe it or not, both Europe and Asia have recently banned the use of Allantoin in exported products.
As you probably know, here in the United States, our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already reviewed Allantoin. They have blessed it as safe and the FDA permits its use as an active ingredient in products at concentrations of 0.5 to 2%. However, our friends in Europe and Asia have taken a different tact. Allantoin is now banned in exported products to Europe and Asia.
What does this mean to you? Well, once again the RainShadow Labs product development team was called into action. After a bit of back and forth, the product development team came up with a plan. Keeping the RainShadow Labs mission of unsurpassed customer service along with product efficacy and stability in mind, the team decided to approach this from a win-win solution for RSLs clients.
The RainShadow Labs product development team pulled Allantoin completely out of the following products. Thats right, it is completely removed as an ingredient. This way, the products are already compliant for exportation.
Heres the list:
However, at the same time, Vanessa and the product development team realized that some clients still want to include Allantoin as a product ingredient. To serve these clients, RainShadow Labs will still offer this as an option. The only change is that product orders with Allantoin will now be considered a custom product (subject to the minimum 5 gallon order size). So, this way, both sides of this Allantoin situation are served. To recap, for the products listed above, RainShadow Labs has completely removed Allantoin. For our clients that still want to include Allantoin in their product lines, there is a minimum 5 gallon order size and it will be a considered a custom product. For more information on including Allantoin in your products, simply email your request to [email protected]. Or, if it is more convenient, simply go to our Getting Started section of our website. That link is here, at: