Posted by jeff on 9/7/2010 to Cosmetics

As people get older, they generally wish they were younger and looked younger.  Several products in the beauty and health industry are focusing on just that, getting younger.  These products are focusing more on anti-aging goal.


The skin becomes misshapen and saggy as individuals get older.  Many women want to prevent this from happening.  This is why several wholesale cosmetics are incorporating anti-aging factors into their moisturizers and foundations. 


One ingredient that is great for the skin is retinol.  Many people are not familiar with retinal because it is widely known by a different name.  The more popular name is Vitamin A.


Retinol can be found in green and yellow vegetables, egg yolk, and fish-liver oil.  Retinol or Vitamin A is a great anti-aging ingredient because of its molecular structure.  It is able to penetrate to the deep layers of skin because it has a small molecular structure.


Retinol can restore the skins collagen, elasticity, and healthy complexion.  This is what gives consumers a younger and more youthful appearance.  It does not mask the problem it heals it.   


Vitamin A or Retinol found in wholesale cosmetics work at the cell level.  Old and misshapen cells are what cause the wrinkles and fine lines in the skin.  Retinol encourages healthy new skin cell productions and repairs the damage done to old cells.


Retinol is great for the skin if rubbed onto directly.  This is why wholesale cosmetics are the perfect product for women to use.  Many women use make-up or lotion daily.


Women do not have to add more things in their day to do anti-aging activities.  All they have to do is use their wholesale cosmetics that already have retinol or Vitamin A in the products.  With the continued use of retinol, individuals will find their fine lines and wrinkles diminished.