The Best Essential Oils For Sensitive Skin

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/2/2017 to Aromatherapy
Sensitive skin can be hard to deal with. You just never know when it’s going to give you more trouble! As the list of private label skincare products and ingredients that bother your skin goes up, your sense of hope and trust in your own body goes down. Is there a solution out there for you? Or will you forever be doomed to a long list of Don’ts and an ever-shrinking one of Do’s? The answer to this seemingly overwhelming question is actually quite simple: there are private label skincare ingredients that are perfect for your sensitive, reactive skin. Here’s what they are, and why they’re your new best friend:

The Best Essential Oils for Spring Time

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 5/20/2017 to Aromatherapy

It’s finally spring! If you live in the Pacific Northwest like we do, the sun shining in a blue sky is something you look forward to for months and months. It’s the ultimate gift after enduring so much gray and rain. But even if you live somewhere where spring comes sooner than rainy Oregon, the sound of birds chirping and the sight of flowers poking through the soil to greet the warmer temperatures is still exciting. And just like those flowers are seasonal, so too can your skincare be. For some people that means switching to a lighter moisturizer while others start adding an SPF to their routine. In the midst of your seasonal private label skincare adaptations, remember that essential oils can be seasonal too!

How To Do Your Own Spa Day At Home

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Going to the spa is a serious treat. It’s relaxing, rejuvenating and helps us reboot and recharge from our regularly busy and responsibility filled lives. There’s nothing like getting a massage, facial, or a simple relaxing soak in a hot tub to help yourself rewire. Unfortunately, the spa isn’t always the most affordable luxury. For many of us, we only get to go a handful of times in our lives, even though most of us could really use it on the regular! While the price it costs to go to the spa isn’t going to change any time soon, the good news is that you can recreate your own version of a spa day at home. With a little bit of time set aside and a few key private label skincare products, you can be well on your way to some much needed, low cost relaxation.

The Best Oils For Aromatherapeutic Skincare

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It’s natural to think of private label skincare and only consider the skin. After all, that’s what it’s for, right? But skincare can be useful for so much more than just the skin. As a matter of fact, your skincare can be a perfect delivery system for aromatherapy! Instead of using straight essential oils placed neat under the nose, diffused in the diffuser or used in a spritz, you can combine them with your skincare for a divinely uplifting experience that tantalizes your senses and feeds your skin.

Why Product Bundles Rock!

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/27/2017 to Aromatherapy

Have you ever been gifted or purchased a product bundle before? Perhaps they might seem a little unnecessary or excessive to you. For some people, a bundle just seems like too much. Who needs all this stuff? However, usually what happens is that you end up buying all (or most) of the products that were in the bundle to begin with, only you just end up buying them from different brands or at different times. If you don’t think of yourself as a product bundle fan, let us take a minute to show you all the ways that product bundles rock. You just might find yourself to be a convert by the end of the list.

The Three Best Winter Themed Essential Oils

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In a winter wonderland, smells of pine, cinnamon, clove, orange and fresh, crisp air abound. These smells are part of what we all associate with this magical time of the year just like we associate smells of fresh grass, rain and blooming flowers with spring and smells of citrus with the summer. These smells bring up memories and create new ones. They come from nature, or the inside of our homes. And you can actually merge the two worlds of outside and inside with a simple product that holds the natural aromas of winter: essential oils. Be they from trees, roots, bark, flowers or other plant material, here are three of the best winter themed essential oils:

Peppermint Vanilla: The Best Body Scrub Flavor

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/13/2017 to Aromatherapy

Do you use a body scrub? What’s it made out of? Is it thick and hydrating, or extra scrubby and perfect for when you really need a good scrub down? And perhaps most important of all, what does it smell like? See the thing is, when it comes to private label body care products, they either smell terribly artificial, or really really good; it can be hard to find a middle ground. Thankfully, there are products that exist that don’t use strong artificial smells but instead utilize the clear, pure and even beneficial for your skin aromas of essential oils. There are many to choose from, from individual flavors featuring a single oil to a blend that utilizes the various notes of multiple essential oils. While we like the whole array of oils, we will admit that we do have a favorite blend to use in body scrubs.

New Years Resolutions for Your Skin

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Hello, 2017! It’s a new year and many of us like to look at it like it’s a fresh start. Stopped working out last year? Start again now, the slate’s clean! Want to lose five pounds? Start eating clean! Feel like you’re falling behind in life and need to get ahead? Start setting goals and checking off your most important tasks. We could go on and on about all the different ways to start the new year off right, but we’ll keep it to what’s most relevant and exciting for us: private label skincare. In this brand spankin’ new year, you can have the best skin of your life. Here are two resolutions to help you get there:

Essential Oil Quality: Your Nose Knows

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 2/9/2017 to Aromatherapy
When it comes to essential oils, your nose knows. Your nose knows if the smell is fake. It knows if something has been adulterated. It knows if something has gone off or just isn’t right. And in a world where more and more things are being cut and substituted and faked, it’s a good thing your nose has got your back! But what about if you just don’t know what to look for when you smell an essential oil? Perhaps you’re new to all this, or perhaps there are just so many different brands and companies to choose from that you feel a little overwhelmed. Whatever the case for you, here are a few other pointers to help you determine the quality of an essential oil when you’re not quite sure what your nose is trying to tell you.

Diffuser vs. Room Spray: What’s the Difference?

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/22/2016 to Aromatherapy
One of the most enjoyable ways to use and benefit from essential oils is to get them out into your air. And two of the most popular ways to do that are to diffuse them or to use some kind of spray. Both methods are great and have their pros and cons like everything else. And depending on a few different factors, you might find that you prefer one over the other. So what are those factors, and what are the pros and cons of each essential oil dispersing method?

Spice Cake Essential Oil Blend

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Whether it’s aromatherapy or skin nutrition you’re after, essential oils take the cake when it comes to botanical extracts of pure plant power. Alone, they are fantastic. When combined, they are even better and meld together, playing off each oil’s strengths to create a superior botanical blend. With the power of essential oil blends in mind, we’ve created a new blend to add to our ever growing collection of custom essential oil combinations for scent and private label skincare...

The Best Private Label Presents for Your Sweetheart

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oil bathGiving good gifts isn’t something that everyone is good at. For some, it comes naturally. For others, it takes quite a bit of forethought to figure out what the best gift might be for someone. And when it comes to their sweetheart or love interest, the pressure is on even more. In this situation, the last thing anyone needs is agitated nerves to make the pressure even worse. So, whether you excel at picking out the perfect gift or wish you could just hire the job out to someone else, we’ve got a list of some of the best private label skincare gifts to give to your sweetheart.

Holiday Candles at RainShadow Labs

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It’s that time of year now where we start paying more attention to the smells wafting through our homes, enjoying the soft glow of warm light in the evening, and thinking about meaningful gifts for all those whom we love. Gift giving can be a bit of a challenge- especially if you’re shopping for people who are picky. In cases like that, opt for a gift that everyone, picky or not, can enjoy: candles.

Revitalize Your Life and Line With Grapefruit Essential Oil

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 12/18/2014 to Aromatherapy

Whether you’re feeling emotionally down, need an energetic pick-me-up, or are seeking balance in a whirlwind of emotional chaos, bright and fresh grapefruit essential oil brings the proverbial sunshine back into your life and into your private label. The more you use it, the more this familiar fruit will solidify itself as a staple in your at-home creations and private label skin care formulations. A powerful natural cleanser and favorite aroma therapeutic aid, grapefruit is always there when you need it.

Amber Essential Oil: Ancient Meditation Ally

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 12/1/2014 to Aromatherapy

Humans have been exploring the possibilities of the mind and psyche for thousands of years and one of their favorite methods for doing so has been meditation. Though one can easily practice meditation alone, there are some beautiful essential oils that are well known for aiding in this process. One of the most ancient, unique and mysterious of these is amber essential oil. This deep, sweet and slightly heady tree resin distillate brings the perfect amount of depth to your private label skin care formulas and aromatherapy blends.

How to Use Essential Oils

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The thousands of uses of Essential Oils is nothing less than extraordinary! From zapping the flu virus to erasing wrinkles, Essential Oils take care of almost everything!  When you see the gamut of how Essential Oils can be used, it can feel  overwhelming.  How do you keep all the applications straight?

Fiery Fragrances for Fall: Diffusing Essential Oils

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 11/22/2013 to Aromatherapy
Let’s get into it: it’s sensational what diffusing essential oils in your home can do for your mind and mood.  Saturating scents around your home is a great way to pick yourself up when you’re feeling out of it! Almost any and all essential oils will provide unparalleled benefits when diffused in the air, but we want to focus on those scents that make you feel like you’ve gotten big hug: Fall Scents. The fun thing about diffusing these special Fall Scents is that they not only smell phenomenal, they provide you with health benefits as well!

Melissa Essential Oil

Posted by Julia Sanders on 8/19/2013 to Aromatherapy

Melissa Essential Oil, also known as Lemon Balm, is an oil derived from a plant native to center-southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Melissa plant extracts have been used for their medicinal properties for ages. Melissa Essential Oil is particularly famous for its soothing qualities, memory boosting properties, and anti-depressant powers. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, migraines, menstrual cramping, PMS and also for adding flavor and fragrance. No wonder it was decreed the â€Ã…“Common Oilâ€Ã‚ and â€Ã…“Sweet Oil,â€Ã‚ eh?

DIY: Natural Insect Repellent

Posted by Julia Sanders on 7/8/2013 to Aromatherapy
I think we can all agree that outdoor fun is the best part of Summer. But whether or not you are chilling on your porch, in the woods, or by a lake there always seems to be pesky insects waiting to attack! And as annoying as those buzz-killing creatures can be, covering yourself from head to toe in chemicals to ward them off can be just as vexing. Here are some natural, do it yourself solutions so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs!

Chakra Clearing with Meditation and Essential Oils

Posted by Julia Sanders on 6/5/2013 to Aromatherapy
“Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means wheel, circle, or vortex. It is also an ancient term used to denote yantras and different nerve plexus in the body. In Hindu and Buddhist metaphysical tradition and other ancient and New Age belief systems, the term “chakras” combines these meanings to refer to the spinning, circular energy centers that correspond to vital points in the physical body. These chakras receive, express, and distribute pra?a, or life force energy, influencing and reflecting a person’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Healthy chakras are referred to as “clear” and “balanced” while unhealthy chakras are “blocked” and “out of balance.”

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Posted by Rain Shadow Labs on 2/16/2013 to Aromatherapy

Helichrysum or immortelle essential oil is a very precious and expensive oil with truly remarkable benefits. The scientific name for this plant is Helichrysum italicum and it is found in the Mediterranean. The plant grows mainly in sandy, rocky soil. The oil and plant are also known as everlasting and immortelle.

Thyme Essential Oil

Posted by Rain Shadow Labs on 2/11/2013 to Aromatherapy

Thyme essential oils have been used since the time of the Romans. This particular essential oil comes in two different forms: red thyme oil and white thyme oil. The cleansing properties of the naturally occurring phenols of the thyme oils make them excellent candidates for topical application in personal care products.

Aromatherapy for the Holidays

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 12/12/2012 to Aromatherapy

The holidays are a sensory extravaganza with all the beautiful things to see, taste, and smell. Using natural essential oils is a great way to bring the scents of the holidays into your home. Using essential oils in place of their synthetic counterparts brings added benefits that go beyond their delicious scents. 

Spicy scents like cinnamon and cloves are a favorite at Christmas time. Other popular spicy scents are peppermint, ginger, nutmeg and pine. These can be easily diffused throughout your home. There are many options available for diffusing essential oils, including using them in potpourri or sachets. Wickless candles or oil burners are inexpensive and are a great way to use essential oils for aromatherapy. You can also find easy instructions online to make your own.

Natural Air Fresheners

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It's so nice to have a home that smells fresh and there are many products available to help you accomplish that. Unfortunately, many of the most popular products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health and/or the environment. Using essential oils in place of these chemicals can eliminate their harmful effects and still leave your home smelling fresh and beautiful.

Another benefit of using essential oils to freshen your home is that they have additional benefits beyond smelling good. Below are some of the side benefits of the oils most commonly used as air fresheners.

Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 8/22/2012 to Aromatherapy
anxietyAnxiety is a state of constant stress. It is a condition of hyper-arousal of the midbrain, the area that is responsible for survival and is the location of the fight-or-flight response. This part of the brain responds to the thoughts the individual has that make the person feel alarmed, threatened, or worried. It is a fear-based condition and is largely the result of negative thinking.