Astaxanthin Action

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 1/13/2016 to Health
healthy glowing skinHave you heard of Astaxanthin before? If you haven’t, what you probably have heard of are antioxidants. And you can think of Astaxanthin as the Queen of Antioxidants. Yes, they have a queen and yes, she is in your private label skincare. Or at least she should be. Her rosy red hue imbues a slew of skin helping action that is really a shame to miss out on. Though a bit of a mouthful to say, don’t let that deter you from learning more about this important and effective antioxidant.

The power of each antioxidant is measured and communicated by its ORAC value; the higher the value, the more effective and potent the antioxidant. Astaxanthin has an ORAC value that is 550 times stronger than vitamin E! As you probably know, vitamin E is a tried and true, widely popular antioxidant. Many people swear by it. Now take that and times it by 550, and you start to understand the true and quite frankly miraculous substance that Astaxanthin is.

At RainShadow Labs we use a cold pressed form of Astaxanthin that allows us to add it to literally any private label skincare product you wish. Additionally, we have an entire selection of ready to go products that contain it. So whether you have your own line, or just want to use the best skincare you can on your face, we’ve got you covered. 

Additionally, Astaxanthin is a fat soluble antioxidant, which is quite unique and makes it even more special in the realm of private label skincare. While many private label skincare ingredients are water soluble, combining it with other antioxidants and other lipids will only help to enhance this unique function.

So go ahead and add it to everything you can. Get samples, make ingredient deck changes, or run into your bathroom to apply another layer of this most magnificent private label skincare superhero. Let the Queen of Antioxidants grace your face.