Beautiful Natural Makeup

What you put on your skin matters. Toxic ingredients from department store products can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Organic products made from natural ingredients will not hurt your customer’s overall health. At RainShadow Labs, our experts source, combine, and manufacture raw ingredients to provide businesses and communities with nature’s best products.

Individuals and businesses looking to save money on bulk items will love our wholesale skincare products. Our all-natural lotions, gels, cremes, scrubs, and makeup restores and replenishes skin. For over 30 years, RainShadow Labs has harvested and produced unique cosmetic products for small businesses and spas looking to grow. Consumers nationwide are switching to organic products, and businesses that want to keep up are stocking their inventory with clean, all-natural cosmetics.

As a retail manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers wholesale pricing on organic makeup. Businesses and individuals who want to treat their skin to nature’s best without breaking the bank will benefit from our inspired skincare market. Peruse our online catalog for wholesale pricing, and buy direct to stock your inventory with items that will keep customers coming back. RSL has been the premier organic skincare manufacture since 1983, and we know how to work directly with business owners to give them exactly what their customer needs.

Private Label Natural Makeup

The benefit of partnering with a private label manufacturer is that you are able to give your clients what they need and grow your business with a high-quality inventory. We harvest raw ingredients and combine them in unique ways so that businesses can offer their customers items with a personal touch. Business owners can stock their inventory with customized cosmetics packaged and labeled in distinct containers that customers will only find in your store.

Private label manufacturing can help grow businesses by allowing them to use more resources marketing and distributing their products instead of worrying about production. It takes a different set of skills to harvest ingredients and manufacture unique products. Having premium quality products increases customer loyalty because they know they can trust your brand.

Premium Face and Body Cremes

One of our most popular items is our super youth eye cream. At 72% organic, it contains aloe, grapeseed oil, vitamins E and C, and deionized water. This moisturizer can be used all over the face, morning and night. It can be used under makeup to help revitalize and restore damaged skin. See our online inventory for more great products.

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If you’re looking to grow your business by partnering with a private label manufacturer, call RainShadow Labs at 503.366.3413 today. We offer 3 free samples for new customers. Contact us to learn more.