Best Essential Oils for Skin

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Essential Oils that Soothe and Restore Skin

Blue tansy is an anti-inflammatory flower that is similar to chamomile. Blue tansy has a deep blue color and can provide a light, slightly floral and herbaceous aroma to any room. It is phenomenal for anti aging purposes as well as soothing sensitive and irritated skin.

Cedarwood atlas essential oil is a favorite among customers who prefer a woodsy, balsamic aroma. In skincare formulas it helps to balance overly oils or dry skin, and is also helpful in hair care products that aim to balance the scalp. Dilute cedarwood oil with jojoba oil before applying directly to the skin.

Helichrysum is a popular essential oil used to increase blood flow to the skin and create a glowing complexion. It helps the skin fight wrinkles by providing it with antioxidants. Safe for all skin types, helichrysum essential oil will moisturize, replenish, and supply skin with plenty of antioxidants and other anti aging compounds. Helichrysum oil would be a great essential oil to mix with lavender and chamomile for a comprehensive skin care treatment.

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