Branding and Packaging Considerations

After deciding on which ingredients to use in the product formula, the next step is to design a package and label. Packaging is often the first thing customers will notice about your brand, and retailers must carefully consider how they want to reflect their brand's personality. When designing a private label package and label, retailers must consider the color, size, weight, font, material etc. Look at how popular household items are packaged, and consider what kind of packaging you or your family purchase. We understand that the private label manufacturing process can be difficult, and the team at RainShadow Labs is prepared to help you along the way.

Over the past 35 years, the team at RainShadow Labs has helped countless businesses successfully launch their private label brands. We manufacture our products in a 100% wind-powered and waste-free facility and source many of our ingredients locally from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Visit us online for a complete product catalog and full description of each herbal ingredient.

How Packaging and Labeling Can Make or Break Your Private Label Brand

For most customers, their first impression about your brand is what they see on the package. Labels should reflect your brand personality and be informative. The design should catch customers attention. Carefully consider your packaging materials and what they say about your brand. Since all of RainShadow Labs products are natural and organic, eco-friendly, and made without harsh chemicals, we recommend that you use an environmentally friendly package if possible. 

The shape and size of your packaging can impact the rest of the private label process. For instance, unique packaging may stand out on a shelf, but it may increase production and transportation costs. Unusual packaging may require special transportation, and retailers must consider if it is worth the extra cost. Remember that font, color, size, weight, and everything about the package and label will influence a customer's buying decision.

Where to Find Packaging Vendors

As a skincare retail manufacturer, RainShadow Labs is not a packaging vendor. However, we provide our private label partners with a list of trusted packaging and labeling vendors that we have worked with in the past. Of course, our private label clients can work with any vendor they choose. After choosing a vendor and obtaining a sample set of your private label product, a RainShadow Labs consultant will discuss your pricing options.

Call RainShadow Labs to Get Started!

The friendly customer service team at RainShadow Labs will take the stress out of the private label process. Call our offices today for an obligation free consultation. We have successfully launched various private label brands, and we have a history of long-term relationships with our private label clients. Call (503) 366-3413 to begin growing your business with custom skincare solutions.