Brick By Brick Part III: Capitalizing Your Business!!!!

This is the third of a series from RainShadow Business Development whose intent it is to provide our customers and community with insight and inspiration in order to build companies with enduring value(s)!

The process of identifying the financial resources necessary to build your company into reality will become relevant once the vision has been borne and the goals and action items have been created. Determining how much financial capital you will need and from whom is an important step in building a company of enduring value. Finding the balance on the tight rope of too much capital and too little capital is an important opportunity to embrace this tension and has the opportunity to create clever decision making and effective use of capital.

From whom you raise capital is a deeply personal decision and as critical as how much. If you have capital to invest yourself you may still want to leverage that capital with debt in order to build a relationship with a financial vendor or you may want to seek equity investment as a way to deepen your pockets. If you decide to request outside investment equity do so with great care and in a way that expands your vision.

If you would like support about how best to capitalize your business please contact Tim Johansson at or call 801-502-7863.