Building successful skincare brands one step at a time

Posted by Rain Shadow Labs on 10/22/2012 to Private Label Skin Care
Being able to catalyze idea and inspiration into action is what makes the difference between launching and growing a thriving skincare brand or owning a brand that dies in the idea stage, never even reaching the light of day. Sometimes it takes outside support to catalyze your thoughts and launch your business ideas. This support can come in the form of a graphic designer, a business consultant, friends and family, or, in the case of the personal care product industry, a private label skincare manufacturing partner.

The word catalyze in Websters Dictionary means to bring about or to inspire to act. Our ideas are often met with fear, confusion and uncertainty, which often arise to thwart the action(s) that will bring about the manifestation of the idea.

Acknowledging this fear and then moving into action is the cornerstone of success. That action could be:
    the methodical process of establishing goals and accompanying tasks and timelines
    the choice of the brand name itself
    the development of the product trademark
    writing a one-page strategic plan
    defining a target personal care product market niche
    ordering packaging samples
    choosing a private label skincare manufacturing partner
    moving beyond analysis paralysis (no action) and into action

As a private label skincare manufacturer, RainShadow Labs provides business development services as an added service to our clients. We have found this work to be vital in building our private label skincare business and the skincare business of our clients. As such, we have had the honor of working with hundreds of skincare entrepreneurs with thousands of ideas. Without question, those who take action on their ideas are the ones that succeed, even if some of those ideas fail.

It is often the little things that make a difference. Instead of outthinking the competition, it's worth trying to outlove them. Everyone is working hard on the thinking part, but few of your competitors worry about the art and generosity and caring part.