Business Development Newsletter Series: Brick By Brick—Part 1—Finding Your Center!!!!

This is the first of a series of RainShadow Business Development newsletters whose intent it is to provide our customers and community with insight and inspiration!

Part 1 is titled “Finding Your Center” and refers to that place inside where we connect to the meaning and purpose of our lives and our work. It is from this centered and balanced place where meaning and inspiration are found, where productivity and effectiveness abound and success and abundance multiply.

When our beloved Alchemist and Chief Inspiration Officer Vanessa first spoke aloud the phrase “In service to our customers, our community and our planet!” we knew that the RainShadow Labs mantra was born. Mantra’s like this one are simple yet powerful tools for every company and individual and can be recited, hung on walls, written on products and even tattooed on bodies; all gentle reminders designed to help us connect to the purpose and the vision of the companies we own and the lives we live. We employ this mantra often around RSL and it is especially helpful in those moments when we have lost our center and we lack clarity and sight of the vision for our work and our life.

Call RSL Business Development today (801-502-7863) or email Tim at if you would like support in creating a mantra for you and your company—as always we remain “In service to our customers, our community and our planet!”………..(and remind us if we forget!!!!)