Buying Essential Oils in Bulk

The limbic system influences the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. When the soothing aromatic molecules enter the nervous system via your sense of smell, they can be used to help regulate things like your level of stress or focus. Those who suffer from migraines or anxiety, for example, can try diffusing an essential oil throughout a room to see if it helps.

Whether applying an essential topically or through inhalation, RainShadow Labs will provide you with the highest quality essential oils available. Our expert team uses cutting-edge equipment in our US-based labs for all our manufacturing requirements. For over 30 years, we have created essential oil blends for individual use or resale, and our customer service team makes the buying process stress-free and seamless. Check out our website for wholesale prices on bulk items, or to learn more about our private label partnership. Essential oils are nature’s purest supplement, and providing them to customers is an easy way to grow any business.

How to Dilute an Essential Oil to Make It Safe for Topical Use

When applying essential oils topically, make sure to dilute it by using a carrier oil. RainShadow Labs only produces the purest essential oils, and we recommend combining them with one of our organic carrier oils for ease of use and prevention against potential skin sensitivities. Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are made from the fatty part of a plant, such as the seed, nut or kernel. Carrier oils contain many of the same benefits and healing properties as essential oils, and they are a great way to make essential oils safe to apply directly to the skin.

When diluting an essential oil, consider the percentage of dilution you would like to use. A good place to start is a 1% dilution, or 1 drop of oil per teaspoon of carrier oil, for children over 6 years old, pregnant women, elderly adults, or people with sensitive skin. 2% dilution is appropriate for most adults to use daily, and it can be reached by adding two drops of oil per teaspoon of carrier oil. For those using 2% dilution that would like to increase the potency of their solution, add one more drop of essential oil.

Rainshadow Labs provides customers with pure essential oils that don’t contain any artificial fragrances. Many of them are sourced right here in the Pacific Northwest, with many others coming from the greater United States and North America. We provide our essential oils for businesses and individuals who would like to wholesale and private label skin care products, including essential oils, that gently support the skin.