C Mineral Spa Crystals
C Mineral Spa Crystals

C Mineral Spa Crystals

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Anti-stress formula. For use in regular bath, spa with jets, or hot tub. THIS IS A SPA SAFE FORMULA. A quality mineral bath combined with an aromatherapy concept. A water and skin softener. Relaxes and soothes tired muscles and helps pull inflammation from overworked sore muscles and joints. This is a very effective therapeutic formula. Product is biodegradable and leaves no residue. When used as directed, this product does not upset the pH balance of spa chemicals and can be used in tubs/spas with jets. Enjoy the relaxing effect of a quality spa treatment either in your bathtub or spa.

Directions: Use 2 Tablespoons per regular size bath, or 4 ounces per 8-person spa or whirlpool tub. Only add once a week if not drained.

Ingredients: MAGNESIUM SULFATE (EPSOM SALT), GLUCOSE -- January 2022

Now offered in pre-fragranced salts, starting at 10 pound quantities in the following scents:
Lavender Essential Oil (pure essential oil)
Lavender Peppermint (pure essential oils)
Grapefruit Quince (natural based fragrance)