CBD Lotion and Gel

Uses for CBD Oil are expanding rapidly as research continues on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid made primarily from hemp plants. While medical marijuana topicals have been increasing in popularity for a while now, many people aren’t aware they can still get all the health benefits of cannabis, without the high, by using a CBD-based topical. CBD topicals, such as lotion and gels, are infused with high-quality Cannibidiol and absorbed through the skin to produce anti-inflammatory and cellular-protective effects. Interestingly, when CBD is used topically, the CB2 receptors located right underneath the skin soak most of it up, keeping it localized to the area where it was applied and making it highly effective for it’s intended purpose.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

As we explore CBD lotions and gels, it will be helpful to understand why you might want to consider adding them into your beauty or skincare regimen. The benefits of CBD are many, but for purposes of topical applications, we’ll stick to it’s anti-inflammatory, balancing and restorative properties.

Because the endocannibinoid system plays a central role in pain management and inflammation, cannabinoids are well documented for their ability to regulate chronic pain, sore muscles and tension. This makes using a CBD-infused gel perfect for athletes or active people trying to keep muscle soreness, inflammation and injuries at bay. This is why there is also promising research on it’s effects for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain and even as a potential alternative to dangerous, addictive pain medications.

Equally impressive are CBD’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties. These unique characteristics allow it to create balance in uncomfortable and unsightly skincare situations where inflammation and dysfunction are present. People report experiencing relief in skin conditions ranging from acne and psoriasis to eczema and burns. These properties also make CBD fantastic for anti aging skincare. Using an all-over lotion can help long-term, and spot treating for more acute issues and immediate relief can be done as well.

Lastly, CBD is highly restorative and helps repair damage to areas of the skin affected by deficiency. The nutrients in CBD, including the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and 6, are welcomed by skin cells who rely on lipids to regenerate. Healthy cells mean that skin will look and feel more youthful, supple and nourished both immediately and long term.

Which is the Best CBD Oil for Topicals?

There are several different methods for extraction when it comes to CBD oil, however, sourcing a Co2 extracted oil is best. The Co2 extraction method not only preserves the delicate nature of the oil with cold temperatures, but it also ensures a clean finish without leftover chemical residue. Other forms of extraction can leave behind harmful alcohols as well as pesticides and agricultural toxins that may have found their way onto the original plant during its growth.

When using any sort of lotion or gel, it’s important to recognize that they are being absorbed into the body’s cells and will have similar effects to being ingested. As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.