CBD Plus: New Frontier in Skin Care

If you’ve researched skin care lately, you’ve likely heard about the newest CBD skin care craze and the benefits that accompany it. RainShadow Labs offers a new and innovative approach to skin care with its CBD Plus line of products. Rigorously tested in the finest labs, with 3rd party quality assurance, our CBD skin care products are among the best on the market. Our formulary team is working overtime to provide you with the most comprehensive products available.

Where Does CBD Come From?

The best CBD skin care products are hemp derived. Hemp is grown in large fields in long, thin stalks. As the fiber grows, the energy pushes to the top of the plants where flowers and seeds are produced. The nutrients from the plant then start to produce flowers and trichomes which contain the actual cannabinoids, like CBD. The plant has then harvested rapidly, before the male plants have a chance to pollinate the female plants which would create seeds in place of the cannabinoid-rich flowers.

RainShadow Labs painstakingly sources our CBD from Colorado. It’s cGMP, USDA Organic and ISO certified, made from biodynamically grown industrial hemp, 99%+ pure and boasts an impressive list of scientific benefits. We ensure the hemp we use is grown free of harmful chemicals and pesticides that could, when processed, become condensed and more potent. We have the best CBD skin care and beauty products available on the market.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil Skin Care?

CBD makes cells happy and supports their overall intelligence. This means, among many others, that overall dermal wellness is both supported and encouraged. Skin cells that are struggling, imbalanced and/or imperfect are wholeheartedly engulfed in meaningful and innovative skin care. Our CBD skin care supports and encourages cellular vibrancy and clarity. Your skin will thank you! Here is a little more about our CBD skincare products:

  • CBD Plus Cream: With 25mg of CBD per 1 ounce of cream, the CBD alone should give you enough reason to add this to your skin care routine. It also contains vitamin E and aloe, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil and green tea.
  • CBD Plus Gel: Our signature CBD Plus Gel is a light, smooth gel ideal for full body use. With its beautiful texture, this gel is absorbed quickly and never greasy. Not only does this formula include 25mg of CBD oil per 1 ounce of product, we’ve also included ingredients like aloe and coconut oil, wild geranium and hempseed oil.

We wholeheartedly recommend our CBD products for all, including our friends and family. We wouldn’t recommend any product we haven’t tried on ourselves! These products work all over the body, in sore spots and painful spots and tight spots and aging spots. Click on the product links above for your free samples or call 503-366-3413. RainShadow Labs is the best CBD skin care company.