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CBD for Skin Care

The beauty and skin care industry is booming and it's never been a better time to get your feet wet. Whether you are a massage therapist, esthetician or entrepreneur, we have products and services to help you build your business. CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular and mainstream. You can find it in bath bombs, dog treats, beard oil, lip balm and so many other products! 

RainShadow Labs CBD Plus Skin Care Products

RainShadow Labs has meticulously formulated our CBD Plus skin care line to be well-rounded and comprehensive. Even without the CBD oil, these formulas make fantastic skincare products on their own.

  • CBD Plus Cream: This luxurious all over body cream contains a powerful arsenal of moisturizing and anti aging ingredients. With 32mg of CBD per 1 ounce of cream, the CBD alone should give you enough reason to add this to your skin care routine. It also has vitamin E and aloe, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil and green tea. Our CBD oil is laboratory tested, with third party quality assurance, and a chemical free CO2 extraction process. This means we utilize only the most effective, high quality CBD on the market.
  • CBD Plus Gel: Our signature CBD Plus Gel is a light, smooth gel ideal for full body use. With its beautiful texture, this gel is absorbed quickly and never greasy. Not only does this formula include 32mg of CBD oil per 1 ounce of cream, we've also included ingredients like aloe and coconut oil, wild geranium and hempseed oil. As with our CBD Plus Cream, our CBD oil is lab tested, with third party quality assurance, and a chemical free CO2 extraction process.

While great for full body usage, these products are also perfect for specific areas that may need extra attention. We are seeing more massage therapists and estheticians beginning to incorporate these products into their services or for resale in their back bars. RainShadow Labs formulary team have worked tirelessly to ensure each product we release in inherently safe and effective. We wouldn't release any product we haven't personally tested and recommended to our family and friends. Your success is our success.

Choose RainShadow Labs for Your CBD Skin Care!

At RainShadow Labs, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and in providing a stellar customer service experience. Whether you are looking for the best CBD oil products to begin your own private label line, or seek bulk CBD products to incorporate into your business, we have something for everyone! Get in on the ground floor of CBD skin care and begin offering them to your customers and clients.

RainShadow Labs employees and executives are also equally dedicated to the health of our planet and community. As such, our factory is 100% wind powered and we utilize recycled materials in the packaging, labeling and shipping of all of our products. We proudly manufacture each product with organic and natural ingredients, many of which are locally sourced. You won't be sorry when ordering your skin care products from RainShadow Labs. Our world class customer service team is waiting to help you with any and all of your questions. Simply call 503-366-3413 to get started.