Camu Camu Berry

In the skincare world there are ingredients that get all the attention, and then there are ingredients that get by as unsung heroes- valiantly helping your skin with little thanks thrown their way. This is sometimes made even worse by the use of synthetic, low quality ingredients found in mainstream skincare products. One such unsung hero is the Camu Camu berry. Rich in vitamin C and often used in health food supplements, this small, Amazonian fruit is one of the best natural sources of antioxidants in the world.

Camu Camu Berry Origins

The Camu Camu Berry is a native species to the tropical climate of South America, commonly found in the Amazon rainforests of Peru and Brazil. It can be found growing on a low-growing shrub with the scientific name Myrciaria dubia.

The fruits are the size of very large cherries and are red with occasional green and yellow as well. Camu Camu berries are perhaps best known as a superior natural source of Vitamin C. For example, when compared to a lemon, which at most may contain up to .05% vitamin C, a fresh Camu Camu berry can contain up to 4% pure vitamin C.

What It Is Used For

Aside from its very high potency of Vitamin C, camu camu contains other anti aging compounds that make it valuable for natural and organic skincare. These include powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight free radicals and soothe cellular inflammation that would otherwise lead to premature aging.

Camu camu berry can be used in virtually every kind of private label skincare product you can think of. Everything from serums and scrubs to body creams and even foot soaks can utilize the anti aging, vitamin C rich properties of this exotic little wonder berry.

You can experience camu camu in our stock products that are available for both personal and private label use. Additionally, you can request it as one of your star raw ingredients when you work with our custom formulation team.

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