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Cardamom Essential Oil (EO38)
Cardamom Essential Oil (EO38)

Cardamom Essential Oil (EO38)

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Elettaria Cardamomum
Cardamom Oil is extracted from the seed of the plant, which is used extensively in Indian and Asian cooking (you can, in fact, add a few drops while preparing meals). The same warming properties found in the spice also make the essential oil useful in massage oil formulas. The lovely aroma is found to be uplifting, invigorating and refreshing, adding a little spice on its own or to blends. 

Cardamom Essential Oil has traditionally been used as a tonic to the digestive system, as well as a component of many sensual aphrodisiac blends. The oil has the aroma of freshly dried cardamom pods, far superior to the comparatively flat steam distilled variety of this oil. This CO2 extract is a deep yellow, with a rich and viscous texture. 

The aroma of Cardamom has soothing and uplifting qualities that can bring calm and clarity to a muddled and stressed psyche. Gabriel Mojay in 'Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit' says, "Psychologically...cardamom is indicated for problems associated with the Earth Element: for poor concentration, over-thinking, and worry - especially where there is a degree of exhaustion."