Carrot Seed Oil for Your Skin

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 1/22/2017 to Oils

There are a lot of really fantastic botanical carrier oils for private label skincare. Some are so great that it feels like you’d never have to use any others again. They’re all over the place too: you can find them at the store, online, in specialty

stores, and of course for use in your own private label skincare line. One of these oils is not as widely known and talked about as some of the big favorites like Jojoba and Coconut, but nevertheless, it is extremely valuable for use in skincare.

It’s carrot seed oil, and though most of the attention this plant gets is for its sweet and crunchy orange flesh, its very tiny seed has a wondrously effective oil. Now maybe you’re wondering how a teeny tiny little seed could produce enough oil to be rubbed all over the body. The answer is that it doesn’t. Rather, carrot seed oil is more like an essential oil: very concentrated, very precious, very effective.

Most of the current research points to carrot seed oil first as being high in antioxidants, so free radicals beware! With a steady and plentiful skincare diet of antioxidants, you don’t have to worry so much about things that would otherwise be cause for worry. And carrot seed oil is a fantastic delivery system for these free radical busting substances.

Second, it is a balancing oil and thus helps skin that is both too dry and too oily. Because of this, carrot seed oil has a place among the other fantastic and oh so useful adaptogenic skincare ingredients that help the skin come back into balance no matter the issue or cause. Carrot seed oil helps to lightly hydrate and moisturize dry skin, and it does so without clogging pores or causing any kind of buildup. It also helps the skin look as if it has a radiance that only comes from skin that has been well loved.

Whether you are looking to expand or improve upon your own private label skincare line, or you’re just curious about the best ingredients to be using in your own personal skincare routine, carrot seed oil can do nothing but make everything better.