Cassia Angustifolia

Ingredients that promote youthful skin are highly sought-after by skincare customers. As we get older, exposure to environmental toxins adds up and accelerates aging. With help from the right skin care ingredients, your private-label skin care customers can fight back against harmful inflammation. Here at RainShadow Labs, we specialize in providing private label companies with the products they need. While many private label manufacturers only offer their own products with your company's logo, RainShadow can manufacture your very own recipe and help you with other steps of the process, too. We do also offer wholesale options, like our powerful anti-aging  AAEC Antioxidant Eye Creme, which might be exactly what your customers are looking for. Made with cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide, this product has been shown to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and rejuvenate skin.

How it Works

Cassia angustifolia, also known as senna, is a plant that is native to India. This natural skin moisturizer has an incredibly high polysaccharide content. Polysaccharides have been shown to help the body repair tissues and protect skin from further damage. Additionally, cassia angustifolia has been shown to soothe irritated skin. As we get older, our skin is exposed to more environmental factors that can cause skin inflammation. The sun's UV rays, for example, can cause cellular damage to the skin, resulting in inflammation, lines, and age spots. Cassia angustifolia can help protect your skin from these dangerous UV rays and even help reverse the harmful effects they have on your skin. Additionally, our high-quality eye serum product also contains aloe which has long been known to help alleviate a variety of skin conditions, including sun damage.

Benefits of Cassia Angustifolia

In addition to the incredible skin care benefits that cassia angustifolia presents, the plant can be advantageous for a variety of other functions. Some of these additional benefits of the plant are:
  • Joint Pain Relief: Since cassia angustifolia is effective at reducing inflammation, it may minimize joint pain brought on by inflammation.
  • Healthy Digestion: Cassia angustifolia is also promotes proper function of the digestive system.
With all of these benefits, it's no wonder this plant has been used in herbal medicines in India for millennia. Since the 1950's, the plant's extract has been a common ingredient in many western medicines because of the benefits listed above.

RainShadow Private Label Manufacturing

If your private label skin care company is in the market for a botanically-driven skin moisturizer, you should strongly consider adding cassia angustifolia or even employing our carefully-developed AAEC Antioxidant Eye Creme to your product line. With the beneficial properties it presents, your customers can attain clear skin easier than ever. If you would like more information on our private label manufacturing services, you can learn more here.