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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (EO76)
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (EO76)

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (EO76)

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Cedrus Atlantica
Steam distilled from wood shavings

Cedarwood (Cedarus Atlantica) Essential Oil is steam distilled from cedar wood shavings and has a charming woodsy aroma that adds an invigorating tone in its applications. The oil is as diverse as it is powerful. Native Americans burned it for purification while Ancient Greeks used it in mummification as they believed it provoked immortality. The balsamic aroma is comforting and grounding and said to have the spiritual effect of overcoming tendencies to hide away while encouraging individuals to come together with open hearts. It increases strength and endurance, calms the mind, and stimulates self-assurance and diligence.

Cedarwood has been shown to be beneficial in shampoos and hair lotions for its aptitude to limit hair loss and flaky scalp. Its balancing properties can counter extremes in skin and hair conditions whether too oily or too dry. It is also an astringent that can tighten slack muscles and build a feeling of firmness and youth.

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