Citrus Spray Cleaner - ABSCS
Citrus Spray Cleaner - ABSCS

Citrus Spray Cleaner - ABSCS

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Antibacterial and oil dissolving. Use on Formica, tile, appliances, floors, to clean up body oils off tanning beds, and more! Contains nature’s degreaser (derived from oranges). Not for use directly on the body; to be used as a cleaning solution only. Smells like oranges with a light orange color. Dispense with a spray bottle.

Bill Tufts, an Environmental Attorney in Canada explains about d’limonene, the active ingredient in this product: "A study was conducted by the World Health Organization in 1992 on the evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans. d’limonene was the highlight in this study, and it was declared that not only was d’limonene non-carcinogenic, it was actually anti-carcinogenic. The conclusion was that d’limonene was safe in all respects and the US FDA gave it a rating of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). This report was published in 1993. It was also determined that d’limonene was non-ozone depleting and was in a position to replace toxic chemical cleaners, which were not only toxic, but carcinogenic to the users as well as ozone-depleting."


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