Cold Pressed Essential Oils

While distilling essential oils is the most common way of producing them, there are other methods as well. Cold pressing, for example, is a sound method for producing essential oils out of citrus fruits. Unlike distillation, cold pressed essential oils can easily be done at home without the need for much specialty equipment. Here at RainShadow Labs, we are one of the leading providers of essential oils for both private label skincare providers and wholesale retail. Before you order from our online store, let us fill you in on the process for making cold pressed essential oils and how they can benefit you.

Cold Pressed Essential Oils

The method of cold pressing essential oils is also called expression. As mentioned before, expression is usually used to produce essential oils from citrus fruits. Unlike distillation which requires a still, cold pressed essential oils can be made by hand using centuries-old techniques. In ancient times, the rind of the fruit would be soaked in warm water to help loosen the juices and make it more receptive to the pressing process. A sponge was then used to press the rind and extract the oil from the rind. Once the sponge was filled with the extracted oils of the fruit rind, it would be emptied into a collecting container where it would sit to allow the oil and juice to properly separate. The cold pressed essential oil would then be siphoned off. While this ancient technique was effective, it was also labor-intensive. Luckily, we have other cold pressing options available to use today that have made the job of extracting essential oils easier.

Modern Cold Pressing Methods

As you can imagine, the labor-intensive form of cold pressing essential oils used for centuries was made easier thanks to innovation in technology. Known as ecuelle a piquer, this modern cold pressing method involves a prodding action to release the essential oils from a citrus fruit. First, the rind of the fruit is placed atop a container covered in spikes. These spikes pierce the rind which allows the essential oils to drain into a small container below. This can be done with a machine that rotates, allowing for more area of the rind to be covered by the spikes.

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While you can most certainly make your own cold pressed essential oils, with RainShadow Labs you don't have to. Whether made by distillation or cold press, we guarantee our essential oils are of the highest possible quality. You can take a look at our wide selection of essential oils in our  online store or learn about or private label service. If you have any comments or questions, you can contact us here or give us a call at 503.366.3413.