Contract Filling & Packaging

RainShadow Labs offers full service in-house filling, labeling, and packaging capabilities. We can fill most bottles, jars and tubes. We can provide complete finished product packaging and filling, including unit cartons; lot stamping for boxes; pre-tied ribbons; stickers; bagging finished product; case packaging; wrapping in tissue paper; wrapping in bubble wrap; and any other fine detail for your package. Rainshadow Labs is unable to fill product that has not been manufactured here at our facility. We are also unable to fill aluminum tubes. Minimum run requirements are 25 gallons for wet products or 200 lbs for dry product. 

In order to get you quoted, you will need to go through our packaging assessment process. This allows us to test your components and ensure they are compatible with our machines. It also allows us to provide a more accurate quote. To complete this, we will need one sample of each packaging component included in your final setup.

Label samples are not needed as we will provide an initial quote for hand labeling. Once your order goes into production, our team will attempt to machine label. Should they be able to, we will then amend your pricing to reflect this.


If you do require label application, below is information regarding our machine label specifications that you can use as guideline when purchasing your labels.

Click here to learn how to private label with RainShadow Labs.

Labels and what you need to know:

Machine Label Specifications

Roll Core Inside Diameter: 3" or 76mm
Roll Outer Diameter: 9.84" max or 250mm max

Backing Paper:

Kraft Paper Backing – Anti Static Backing Recommended (not choosing anti static may result in bubbles between the label and the container.

Gap Between Labels:

0.12" (3mm) Minimum Gap -- 0.19" (5mm) Maximum Gap **Gap must not exceed 0.196" (5mm)
gap required from bottle shoulder to top of label -
minimum of 1/4" from the end of the curve gap required from bottle bottom to bottom of label -
minimum of 1/4" from the end of the curve gap required between label ends for wrap - 1/8" - 1/4" gap
Width of Label: 0.50" (13mm) to 4.72" (120mm)
Width of Backing Paper: Label Width + 0.015" (4mm)
Length of Label: 0.590" – 11.81"
Label Wind Direction: Single Label or Front Label for Double Sided - #4 Left Side Off Outside Peel
Back Label for Double Sided - #3 Right Side Off Outside Peel



Adhesive: Consult with your label supplier regarding the type of material your packaging is made of to assure proper bonding of the label.

**IMPORTANT: Container design varies widely by material and vendor. It is imperative that you consult with your label supplier to address variations in your packaging (i.e bottle tapers, convex jar waists, etc) to ensure a uniform fit on your container.

Call your local label company to design your own or contact one of our preferred label vendors located on our Label and Packaging Vendor page. Do your homework. Please check out the FDA website for up-to-date information on labeling requirements. We will evaluate your label for your ingredient decks and proper fill quantities, but we will not get involved in any marketing or labeling claims. More information on Labeling:

  • When making your labels, allow extra time to get them to us. Your production time quote does not start until we receive all items to be used in your order production such as labels, bottles, fragrance, or special ingredients.
  • Paper labels should be coated with a UV or similar coating to avoid scuffing of the label in transport. It is preferable for toiletries with paper labels to have a coating to guard against smearing when they come in contact with moisture. Consult your label professional for additional help.
  • Make sure your label company tests its adhesive on the type of bottle you are using, whether ours or other packaging.
  • We must see and approve the shape and size of your labels prior to quoting pricing and scheduling on a production run. Odd shapes or sizes may not fit on our assembly machine and may require hand labeling, which is more expensive.
  • The label core size required to fit on our machine is a 3 core. Please let your label company know.
  • Ship the labels to: RainShadow Labs, Attn: Your Business Name.

If we are filling for you, we must see the bottle and cap prior to quote to confirm that the quote will be correct. Unusual shaped packaging may not fit into our assembly machine and may require hand labeling that would affect the quote. In order for a time quote to be done, we will need you to mail us 1 of each of your bottles, caps, and labels.

We will require all relevant packaging and labeling materials to have arrived in-house, along with a signed contract and deposit before your order will be entered into our production schedule. Please allow 3-8 weeks for completion of your order.

RainShadow Labs will NOT warehouse your unused packaging materials here at our facility in between orders. Once your order ships, your remaining packaging will be shipped back to you or to your offsite storage facility of choice. Please notify us of where you would like to have your packaging shipped. We will invoice $100.00 per month for each pallet of customer supplied packaging if we are forced to hold onto your packaging for you. For your convenience, RSL can offer the following additional handling options for an hourly fee of $35.00:
Inventory counts and information gathering for your packaging components

Prepare your packaging components for shipment

Local Storage Facilitation - We will carry your packaging from your purchased U-Store Storage unit to RainShadow Labs for use on an existing fill order, then return unused packaging to your storage unit when you order is complete

To inquire about local storage units, please contact U-Store at 503-366-8041

For more information on our contract filling and labeling, please contact us at [email protected] or call 503-366-3413

Weights and Measures:

You can use these measurement equivalents on your labels. FDA requirement does say to have both ounces and ml conversions on your personal care product labels (for more information on FDA requirements see

RainShadow Labs offers full service in-house filling, labeling, and packaging capabilities. We can fill most bottles, jars, votives and tubes.