Cosmetics and Cancer

Posted by jeff on 9/3/2010 to Cosmetics

Research today finds many answers with all of the diverse technology.  The medical field researches diseases and illnesses and how the human race can prevent and cure them.  As research continues on, many things have been identified as things that cause or possibly cause various types of cancer. 


Some of these harmful substances are used in consumer products.  It is important for consumers to be aware of these items to protect themselves.  The more consumers are aware of the harmful substances the less likely companies are to use them.


There are several consumer products that are being researched.  One specific type of product that can have harmful substances is wholesale cosmetics.  Cosmetics may contain a harmful preservative called paraben.


Paraben is an estrogenic chemical preservative.  Any estrogenic chemical mimics the functions of the natural estrogen hormone.  This is so harmful because external and non-natural estrogens increase the risk of breast cancer.


Some companies make an effort not to use harmful substances, but not all companies do.  Consumers should check the wholesale cosmetics that they use to see if any type of paraben is in it.  This can be achieved in several ways.


The simplest way is to check the ingredient labels on all of the wholesale cosmetics used.  The parabens are not labeled as parabens, but have other specific names.  These names are methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben, or butylparaben.


The Internet is another great source.  If there is not an ingredient label on the actual product, then the consumer should check the companys web site.  Most companies offer ingredients lists of their products online if they do not post it on the bottles.   


Some companies may not post the ingredients online.  Consumers can always call the company to find out if they use any type of paraben in the wholesale cosmetics.  When the company refuses to inform consumers on the ingredients, it is safest to choose another cosmetic line.