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Developing the highest quality private label skincare products requires an in-depth understanding of all the different raw ingredients available for product formulations. It means knowing what ingredients will work together to potentially boost each other’s efficacy, and if one type of ingredient would do best in a specific type of formula, such as a serum. It also means exploring the best version of a raw ingredient to use, should there be different types. Proper private label skincare formulation means understanding chemistry, active ingredient percentages, and what ingredients are best for different types of skin issues, concerns, and goals.

At RainShadow Labs, we offer our customers the option to either use a pre-formulated stock base, or to create a custom formula for their private label skincare products. As you explore what you would like for your line, you may end up having a mix of products from both options. The stock base option includes a variety of pre-formulated products that the customer can repackage and label with their own brand. You also have the option of starting with a stock base and having our formulation team customize it to make it your own.

For those who would like more control and creative input over their products, the formulation team at RainShadow Labs will use their in-depth knowledge of raw ingredients and proper product formulation to develop the perfect products to fit your vision. Through our sampling program, you are given a chance to really make sure that the products you choose are the right ones for your brand, so you and your customers can be happy and satisfied.

Once each of your private label skincare products has been developed and perfected, the manufacturing process will begin and you can put in your first official order for product. It is also important that you have your packaging picked out and a full sample set, including labels, sent to our production team. If you’d like, you can learn more about our Manufacturing Processes Here.