Custom Manufacturing for Coffee Shops

Selling private label personal care products is a great way to increase revenue. Whether you own or manage a coffee shop, spa, hair salon, or massage parlor, providing customers with exclusive skin and hair products will attract new customers and help build your brand. Private label branding will set your business apart from the rest and it will keep customers coming back.

RainShadow Labs is a full-scale research and development lab that has been manufacturing organic personal care products since 1983. We have helped hundreds of businesses attract new customers, establish their brand, and maintain customer loyalty through the distribution of private label products. We believe in providing individuals and communities with nature’s best skin and hair care selection. As a retail manufacturer, we offer wholesale pricing on our premade formulas, and businesses can select an existing product to repackage and sell as their own.

Call 503-366-3413 to begin your private label line today. Unlike other private label manufacturers, RainShadow Labs offers both wholesale pricing on existing products and custom manufacturing for business owners with innovative product ideas. Consult with our team about which ingredients would work best for your customers, and we will take a load off your shoulders. Running a coffee shop can be difficult, and partnering with RSL allows owners to focus on the marketing and distribution of the products instead of worrying about production. Take the first steps towards growing your business by calling RainShadow Labs today.

Personal Care Products for Coffee Shops

Coffee shop customers love organic personal care products. RainShadow Labs has a variety or all-natural skin and hair products. Check out our lotions, gels, soaps, washes, body butter, cremes and more! Each product comes with wholesale pricing and the option to customize the package and labeling. Those interested in a private label partnership should check out this webpage.

Antioxidant Moisturizer

Antioxidant moisturizer is essential for preventing skin from breaking down. As skin ages, it begins to wrinkle and sag. Antioxidants halt and reverse the cellular collapse that aging causes. Health conscious coffee shop customers will love this product, and those who use this moisturizer with other RainShadow Labs products will notice quick and lasting results.

Active Charcoal Purifying Scrub

This coconut activated charcoal draws toxins and impurities out of the skin. It cleans and strengthens skin by using geranium and sandalwood extract, vitamin E, and olive seed powder. Your customers won’t find a more comprehensive body scrub anywhere else.

Call Us Today!

Coffee shop owners looking to grow their business can get started by calling RainShadow Labs today. Our experts will walk you through the private label process, and soon you will have unique personal care products to offer your customers. For a private label partnership, or to order all-natural skin and hair care products, call 503-366-3413.