Custom Manufacturing for Entrepreneurs

Selling private label personal care products is a lucrative business opportunity. Hair salons, coffee shops, massage parlors, and spas all sell personal care products. If you own your own business or are looking to start a new one, consider selling private label products at a premium price. Business owners can increase revenue by paying wholesale prices for private label products and selling them for a marked up price. Stocking an inventory of brand name products is expensive, and customers can buy these products anywhere. Private label brands are exclusive to your business, and you will earn customer loyalty by providing them with a product they can only find at your store.

RainShadow Labs is a private label manufacturer committed to providing entrepreneurs with nature’s best products. Our full-scale research and development team finds innovative ways to combine natural ingredients into unique products. For over 30 years, we have helped hundreds of businesses attract new customers and build loyalty among existing customers. Our labs are 100% wind powered and waste-free. Check out our selection of organic products with wholesale prices

Starting a Private Label Business

RainShadow Labs makes it easy to start a private label business. Entrepreneurs who have a sample product they would like to replicate can send it to our labs and select a custom container and label. Our scientists are prepared to add any additional ingredients to test samples that you think your customers might like.

Entrepreneurs with merely an idea of a product can consult with our scientists. Since 1983, our lab has researched and tested different ingredient combinations, and we are well versed in manufacturing personal care products. RainShadow Labs is different than other private label manufacturers because we provide business owners with full creative control of their products.

Once you’re ready to launch a line of private label products, there are three steps: envision the ideal product, formulate the ingredients or buy direct from our existing products, and then find the right label and packaging. Your business will have the exclusive right to carry your specific private label brand, and your customers will love you for it.

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Launching a private label product allows your business to focus on the marketing and distribution of your inventory rather than worry about production. Business owners can outsource the manufacturing and packaging of their products to RainShadow Labs, and they can spend the time and energy elsewhere. For more information about RSL’s private label production process, or to get started, check out our website or call 503-366-3413.