Custom Manufacturing for Hair Salons

Running a hair salon isn’t easy. Launching a private label brand for your products could be what sets your salon apart from the rest. Private label branding attracts new customers who want exclusive skin and hair products, and private label brands can help salons save money with their high margins. Salons increase profits by stocking their back bar with their own products and then marketing and selling each product at a marked up rate.

RainShadow Labs is a full-scale research and development lab, private label manufacturer, and production center. Since 1983, we have formulated products for salons, massage therapists, coffee shops and spas. Our veteran team has developed hundreds of product lines for businesses looking to grow their customer base. We specialize in growing our own ingredients in our 100% wind-powered lab and combining them into unique blends that meet your customer needs.

Our private label selection process accommodates any business looking to brand their own skin and hair products. We provide business owners with a sample prototype, package, and product label so that it matches their personal brand. Business owners with product ideas can work with our lab experts to formulate natural bath, beauty and health products that their customers will love.

Stock Your Salon With Wholesale Items

As a wholesale manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers discount pricing for businesses looking to stock their inventory with all-natural products. Check out our organic selection that will keep your customers coming back for more. Through cutting-edge production practices, we harness the power of nature into eco-friendly personal care products. Browse our online inventory to find the ideal product for your business. From wholesale shampoos and conditioner to face scrubs and anti-aging cream, RainShadow Labs has what your customers want.

How RainShadow Labs Can Grow Your Business

By partnering with a wholesale private label manufacturer, businesses can build brand loyalty with exclusive products or increase profit margins by stocking your inventory with wholesale personal care items. For decades, RainShadow Labs have grown businesses by helping them save money by simultaneously attracting new customers.

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