Custom Manufacturing for Spas

Spas looking to provide their customers with unique, personalized products will love RainShadow Labs' private label partnership. For years we have helped businesses attract new customers and decrease inventory cost by providing customized personal care items to spas, hair salons, coffee shops and massage therapists. Private label branding is a quick way to attract new customers and lower operational costs. Read below for information about how custom manufacturing can help grow your spa business.

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has provided all-natural skin and hair care products to businesses looking for something unique to offer their customers. As a private label retail manufacturer, we customize formulas to meet individual needs, and we offer wholesale pricing for all of our products. For years, our scientists have produced high-end spa formulations for nature’s best ingredients. Check out our wholesale inventory today, and make the first step towards growing your business.

Advantages to Private Label Branding

Private label brands bring exclusivity to your business and will help you separate your business from your competitors. For years, RainShadow Labs has helped businesses provide high-quality custom products to their client base, and we are specialized in conceptualizing, manufacturing, packaging and distributing organic personal care products. Businesses who partner with RainShadow Labs can focus more on marketing and product distribution instead of worrying about the manufacturing. This gives businesses more time and energy to spend in other areas and leads to sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

At RainShadow Labs, we are committed to helping our private label partners sustain long-term growth by satisfying their customers with our natural ingredients. Your customers will feel attached to your brand, and they’ll continue to buy private label products that work. RainShadow Labs superior products will increase the demand for your inventory, allowing you to charge premium prices while maintaining consistent growth.

Spa owners who have a sample product that they would like to improve or duplicate can consult with RainShadow labs to create a custom container and logo. Spa owners who merely have an idea can consult with our scientists to find out what is possible and what will best fit your customer needs.

Call RainShadow Labs Today!

RainShadow Labs has a full-scale research and development team that is ready to make the ideal product for your spa customers. Our experienced staff understands how to combine organic ingredients in unique ways that make products irresistible. Call us at 503-366-3413 or visit our website