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DIY Essential Oils

For as long as essential oils have been in existence (and it's been awhile), people have been making their own products. Skin care, candles, massage lotion, blends, aromatherapy, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on and on. Imagination is your only limit with DIY essential oil projects. RainShadow Labs supplies only the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. Let's talk about some of the DIY projects commonly utilizing essential oils.

DIY Essential Oil Perfume

Chemical perfumes can be hard on sensitive skin and the environment. Keeping formulas as close to natural as possible can help to limit those negative effects and natural scents often last longer than synthetic ones. Essential oils not only smell great, but they have aromatherapeutic benefits as well. 

Perfumes are made up of 1) Top notes (20-40% of blend): your first impression of a perfume and usually the first to dissipate. 2) Middle notes (40-80% of blend): these are the warm, balancing tones you smell just after the top notes evaporate. 3) Base notes (10-25% of blend): Grounding, rich and complex scents; these are what is left behind when the other scents have gone. Here are some of our favorite essential oil perfume recipes:

DIY Essential Oil Blending

Finding just the right blend, one that you crave smelling, is just the beginning of all your DIY projects. From room sprays and candles to facial masks to body sprays, the possibilities are endless when you have the scents you love. Let's get started on blending your own essential oils. 

  • What fragrances do you enjoy? This is a vital question to ask yourself. Everyone is different with scents they love and some they hate. Ask yourself questions like, "Do I enjoy the scent of any herbs or spices?", "Do I enjoy stopping to smell any particular flowers?" or "Do I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, rain or a forest full of pine trees?" Try to narrow down your favorite scent types.
  • Identify the aroma strength. This is how powerful the essential oil smells. Keep in mind, the stronger the scent the less you will use. As a stronger scent will dominate the blend, balancing scents will give you a nice, even smell.
  • How to formulate your ideal blend. Maintaining a good blend can be difficult, especially for the novice blender. Basing your blend on 100 drops will give you a good idea of how to tweak your formula to keep the correct ratio. Not to worry, any faux pas in blending can be used elsewhere in your home so nothing is wasted. Think of soaps, basement freshener or a car deodorizer. Blending isn't an exact science, it will largely depend on how you perceive the blend. If you don't like it, start over. *Note: be sure to take notes so you can document the blends you love and not repeat the ones you didn't!
  • Remember top, middle and base notes? This will become important here as you choose scents from all three categories to pair together. This will provide you with a long lasting, well-rounded blend.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to DIY blending, it becomes an experiment in preference. What you like this year, you may not particularly like next year; it's an ever evolving process. Let's talk a little more about the different ways you can use your favorite blends.

Candles, Soap and Spray...Oh My!

There are so many versatile ways you can utilize your essential oil blends that can benefit and uplift your life and family. Essential oils are made up of natural scents straight from the plant and are, therefore, easier for a lot of people to deal with than strong synthetic scents. At RainShadow Labs, we want you to understand just how many things you can do with our essential oils. Here are some of the DIY projects that are possible.

  • Candles
  • Aromatherapy diffusion
  • Fabric freshener
  • Room deodorizer
  • Body spray
  • Lotions
  • Facial masks
  • Soap
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant
  • And so much more!!

Really, the sky's the limit with our high quality essential oils and your imagination. Because we are committed to our community and planet, we are 100% wind powered. We also utilize an array of recycled materials for manufacturing, packaging and shipping our high-end products. We consistently strive to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren than the one we have.

At RainShadow Labs, we provide the utmost transparency in our ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and quality. We want you to feel secure and have the utmost confidence that you are purchasing your DIY supplies from the #1 manufacturer in the industry. Your success is our success. Call today at 503-366-3413 with any questions or to begin your DIY order.