DW10 Lavender Distillate Water/Hydrosol/Floral Water

DW10 Lavender Distillate Water/Hydrosol/Floral Water
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Hydrosols are the living waters of plants and flowers and berries and fruit. In the extraction process of the fat soluble part of plant materials, essential oils are isolated for use in perfumes and lotions and many healing products. The water of the plant materials is also extracted at the same time. Both the oils and the waters of plant material contain all of the botanical intelligence of the plants. Phytosterols, antioxidants, and countless natural botanical chemical combinations behave in antu viral, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, sedative, enlivening, clarifying, and soothing ways. Hydrosols are wonderful in all skin and body and hair care formulations. They are extremely gentle for all purposes. They are living intelligent waters that heal and tonify the skin. They can be used in lotions, sprays, cremes, scrubs, and all other manner of skin and body care. They are also wonderful as the bases for facial sprays, toners and elixers. They are wonderful as linen and curtain and carpet and room sprays. They energize the air and create negative ions in the atmosphere....which is always good for our health and well being. Hydrosols have a light crisp scent to them and are extremely nourishing to skin cells. Hydrosols are living and intelligent plant waters for your health and beauty and pleasure. Natures Farmacy has so much to bless you with. Partake!