EO 75  Luminescent Essential Oil Blend

EO 75 Luminescent Essential Oil Blend

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At RainShadow Labs, a call to honor and re-ennoble the sacred plant oils of the world is absolutely part of our mission and purpose. It is with this spirit of healing and respect that we are pleased to offer you one more pure plant essential oil perfume blend. 

We call it Luminescent because it is the smell of Light itself. The extremely unique and juxtaposed notes of citrus, flower, and wood come together gracefully for a truly sublime and… dare we say…. euphoric scent.

We have sourced particular essential oil strains for this delicate perfume…in order to  accommodate what we feel is a universally pleasing and healing aromatherapeutic scent.

Ingredient deck: Sandalwood Absolute, Citrus Limon (Lemon Essential Oil), Jasmine Absolute.