EO74 Morning Dew Essential Oil Blend
EO74 Morning Dew Essential Oil Blend

EO74 Morning Dew Essential Oil Blend

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Like dew on the morning grass….like droplets at dawn on the silk petals of a flower…..the experience of new innocent life is good for all!  This is why we created and love Morning Dew…..RSL’s latest all natural perfume option for you!

The crisp and clean herbal notes infuse sweet tones of vanilla and rose in this lovely oil perfume. A bright citrus burst cleans up any blurred edges for a sweet sharp and purifying olfactory experience. 

Morning Dew is a blend of pure food grade cold processed essential oils. It is chemical free and rooted in the wisdom of this earth. Nothin’ but good fer ya from start to finish. Your customers will thank you. You will thank us!

Morning Dew is appropriate for use in body as well as facial formulations. It dilutes elegantly without losing its signature smell. It is able to carry itself with integrity through the layers of raw materials that endless formulations contain. It is also gentle and beautiful as a stand alone triple note perfume.

Ingredients: Vanilla Absolute, Rose Absolute, Citrus Limon (Lemon Essential Oil), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil).

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