Easy All-In-One Products

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 1/18/2017 to Skin Care

In a busy world where time is of the essence and it always feels like there’s never enough of it, anything that can do multiple things you need at once is extremely valuable. And this definitely applies to your skincare regimen. A lengthy routine isn’t 

necessarily the most conducive to success and consistency. In this case, simple is better, and one of the ways to make your private label skincare routine simpler is to use products that do multiple things at once. Wash and exfoliate, moisturize and tone, soothe and youthen- here are a few of the easiest to use multi use products for your skincare routine:

Moisturizing scrub: when it comes to exfoliation, one of the main benefits is that once that top layer of dead and crusty skin cells comes off, the private label skincare products you apply have a much better chance of getting thoroughly absorbed and utilized because there’s no longer anything there blocking them. By using a scrub that doubles as a moisturizer, like a Shea butter and sugar scrub, for example, you simultaneously and seamlessly polish away dead skin and follow it up with deep and soothing moisture.

Exfoliating mask: masks are some of the most relaxing, pro-pampering private label skincare products that exist. Usually, a mask is there to give your skin an extra boost of nourishment, be that moisture, minerals, antioxidants, etc. They’re a great way to make sure your skin doesn’t suffer from lack of care, not to mention they’re a fantastic way to wind down after a busy week. And you can easily make them better by choosing to use an exfoliating mask. Sometimes you can find an exfoliating mask that features a manual exfoliant, but the best are masks that feature gentle fruit enzymes or even alpha hydroxy acids that eat away the dead skin on your skin’s surface while the other anti aging ingredients in the mask go to work soothing, plumping and restoring your skin. And just like mentioned above, the exfoliation means that the other ingredients in the mask will better penetrate and benefit your skin.

Oil cleanser: though it might sound strange to you, oil cleansing is actually a very effective way of cleansing the skin of dirt and debris while also delivering the various beneficial properties of plant oils. It’s a private label skincare multi tasker because one of the many other benefits that come with oil cleansing is that you simultaneously deliver deep and thorough anti aging moisture to the skin. Whereas normal cleansers can make your skin feel stripped and in need of a moisturizer, oil cleansing gently cleanses and perfectly moisturizes at the same time.