Elemi Essential Oil

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 10/13/2016 to Oils

While you have probably heard of Frankincense and Myrrh before, you might not have heard of Elemi, their distant relative and historical replacement in times of need. And what a shame if you haven’t! With an aroma similar to that of Frankincense, origins in the Philippines, a history that intertwines with its resinous cousins Frankincense and Myrrh and effects that benefit the skin and mind, Elemi is one of our newest and most precious exotic essential oil additions. Whether your interest lies in aromatherapy, skincare or natural perfumery, Elemi deserves a space in your repertoire.

In aromatherapy Elemi is used as a balancer and can naturally be blended with oils similar to and like Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedar and Galbanum. It can also be used with other oils that differ from it such as Cinnamon, Lavender and Rosemary. It was used by the ancient Egyptians as a part of their embalming blend and has historically been utilized as a replacement for Frankincense when it has not been available. Elemi essential oil is made by the distillation of the thick sap of the Elemi tree, and thus it has similar qualities to other resinous oils. It has a fresh and slightly lemony aroma that makes it great for unisex essential oil scent blends to be used in private label skincare or as botanical perfumes.

Elemi is a popular anti aging skincare essential oil for soft, toned, glowing and smooth skin. It adds an exotic and effective edge to every formula it’s included in. For custom aroma therapeutic oil blends it is best included as a top note and for purposes of energizing, stimulating and centering of the individual. It goes fantastic in candles, roll on perfumes and would even go well in private label hair care products as an alternative to the often harsh chemical smells.

You can use Elemi in your own DIY skincare and essential oil projects, in your private label line and in your own aroma therapeutic practice. It is a practical stand in for Frankincense if you don’t have it, but don’t think it’s just that; Elemi definitely holds up on its own. Exotic, effective, ancient and fragrant, Elemi is the perfect oil to boost your ingredient decks, make you stand out, provide a meditative break in times of stress and a fragrant botanical perfume for all who wish to bask in its loveliness.