Essential Oils for Focus

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 1/21/2016 to Lifestyle
calming essential oilWhether you work a demanding job, are a full time student or full time parent, focus and concentration are two things you need in constant supply. And as the day drags on, that stock of focused energy tends to drop lower and lower and lower. Caffeine and other stimulants can sometimes offer some momentary relief from a tired mind, but they usually result in a crash sometime afterwards, and a nap just isn’t usually practical for us adults (sadly). So what do you do instead? Take a sniff of your favorite essential oil!

Essential oils are so versatile and we’ve got a huge selection of them for your private label and personal use. In the realm of focus and concentration, one of the absolute best essential oils is Lemon. Aside from its absolutely fantastic aroma and host of antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, Lemon instantly increases focus and concentration while uplifting your mood at the same time. You can choose to diffuse it throughout your house, apply a drop on your temples, or take an easy whiff or two straight from the bottle. Expect this one to become a fast favorite.

Another essential oil that helps to promote calm and cool concentration is Vetiver. It helps to stabilize the mood and promote a sense of groundedness that can help to balance out any potential upward moving energy that might feel distracting. The smell is warm and herbaceous with a spicy note and is great for blending. Vetiver essential oil also helps to dispel nervous tension which is great for students who have to take exams and working adults who have pressing projects to complete.

Frankincense essential oil also lends itself to the task of focusing the mind and cultivating deep and insightful concentration. Though this oil is used more typically in private label skincare formulas, it is just as good as an aroma therapeutic ally for those times when you need an extra dose of calm, cool and collected in your mind. Frankincense is also considered to be an ideal essential oil to use during meditation because of the calm and concentration cultivating effects that it has. Use it as you would any other oil for your brain- sniffed from the bottle or the diffuser!

Whether you’ve got your own private label or just want some extra help with your mental faculties, essential oils can help. Diffused, placed neat on the temples or sniffed from the bottle, let the focus building powers of Frankincense, Vetiver and Lemon fortify your mind and uplift your spirit.