Establishing Your Formulation and Brand Identity

High-quality, effective product and attention-grabbing packaging are two central features of successful private label brands. The team at RainShadow Labs has helped hundreds of businesses launch private label brands, and we specialize in helping entrepreneurs establish a formulation and brand identity. Private label branding can be an easy way to grow your business. Gyms, coffee shops, backbars, and massage parlors that sell private label products gain more control over their pricing and inventory. Avoid name-brand manufacturing costs by launching a private label brand with our natural products.

How Do I Launch a Private Label?

Before launching a private label brand, envision your ideal product. We recommend browsing our extensive line of wholesale products and looking for ideas for bases or specific ingredients to use. Those with a prototype to duplicate or a specific blend of ingredients they would like can work with a friendly customer service representative. We will provide you with an obligation-free consultation to discuss your branding and manufacturing options. Many of our products can be modified to reflect your brand or industry. Consider the needs of customers and whether a lotion, creme, essential oil, or other skincare product would best fit your brand.

After deciding on a category of product, the next step towards a successful private label is formulating the ingredients. Look through our ingredient list for more information on individual ingredients, and consider which herb or element matches the voice of your brand. For instance, a coffee shop owner may want to include ingredients that energize and uplift, and a spa owner may want to stock their inventory with items that moisturize and refresh.

How Does Private Label Effect My Brand Identity?

Packaging and labeling that reflects your brand identity will attract and keep customers coming back. The font, color, design and logo on each package will give your brand a voice and personality. Eco-friendly packaging materials can complement the all-natural ingredients used in our 100% wind-powered labs, and they will appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. Remember that the size and shape of your product will impact transportation and distribution costs. Choose a package that will look nice next to other items on the shelf. Grab your customer's attention with a well-designed label that informs and demands to be picked up. Establish your formulation and brand identity with RainShadow Labs.

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