Extreme Antioxidant Serum Reminder

*|FNAME|*, without antioxidants there's no skin protection. Plain and simple.

You could use all the oils and peptides in the world, and your efforts would still be incomplete. Antioxidants are what make the anti aging world go round.

Even as we continue to make new discoveries and advancements in ingredients, lasers, peels...the reality is that deep down, your skin NEEDS antioxidants.

Together they've forged a partnership that's lasted eons, and it's not gonna stop anytime soon.

Which is why we created our Extreme Antioxidant Serum.
The last in a series of 4 recently released serums, this formula is all about antioxidants. And one of the things they do so well is protect.

They protect your skin from:
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • collagen damage
  • discoloration
  • premature aging
  • and dehydration
They do this by doing something you've probably already heard of: neutralizing free radicals. 

Every single one of your customers needs to protect their skin from free radicals. No matter skin type, age, lifestyle. Free radicals don't discriminate and neither does their nemesis, antioxidants.

And the great thing is that the natural world is filled with the best antioxidant sources EVER!

We're talking seabuckthorn, rosehips, açaí, reishi mushroom, berries of all kinds. The list goes on and the unparalleled skin protection continues.

And yes, you better believe we used every single one of those ingredients in Extreme Antioxidant Serum. Along with
  • vitamins C, A and E 
  • botanical hyaluronic acid
  • seaweed
  • sandalwood
  • CoQ10
and a special selection of plant extracts.

Not only does Extreme Antioxidant Serum protect your skin from free radicals. It also hydrates, rebuilds and moisturizes. This is 360 degree skincare that works.

It gets the bad guys from every angle. And leaves no opening for their return.

No matter what marketing angle your private label line takes, your customers need free radical protection.

No matter what skin type you have, your skin needs free radical protection.

With an essential oil based fragrance and bright orange color (from all the antioxidants), Extreme Antioxidant Serum is the source for that protection.

It has a light texture, easy glide and can be worn morning and/or night. It doesn't clog pores. Can be worn under makeup. And is absolutely available for private label. Just email [email protected] and let her know you're interested.

Or order your own sample to try it out first hand.

RainShadow Labs, 300 Port Ave, St Helens, OR 97051 Ph: 503-366-3413, fax: 503-366-3400, www.rainshadowlabs.com email: [email protected]

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