Face Off: Diffuser vs. Nebulizer

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/9/2015 to Oils
Have you ever diffused an essential oil before? Most diffusers use water as the medium for getting the essential oil out into the air for fragrant smells and aroma therapeutic benefits. Diffusing is a great way to utilize essential oils, and they make it so that the entire household can benefit from just a few drops. But did you know that there is another way to get essential oils out into the air? It’s called a nebulizer, and though less commonly used throughout the every day household, a nebulizer is another very effective way of getting the aroma therapeutic benefits essential oils have to offer.
The main difference between a diffuser and a nebulizer is that a diffuser uses evaporated water particles to transport the essential oil out into the air, while a nebulizer processes essential oils into an almost gas like state and then releases them into the air as very small particles that are more easily absorbed by the body. Both a nebulizer and diffuser are great choices for your private label essential oil needs, and they both cost around the same amount of money.

Some of the main things to consider when choosing between the two are sound, humidity, and efficacy. While a diffuser does make a little bit of noise, it’s typically just the slight sound of the water percolating out. The sound of a nebulizer is a little bit less pleasant as it makes something of a buzzing sound while running. If you are someone who constantly needs a very quiet space, then a nebulizer probably is not the best choice for you.

If your home has mold or humidity issues, you may want to choose a nebulizer instead due to the fact that a diffuser relies on the continuous evaporation of water in order to operate. By using a nebulizer, you will get all of the benefits of the essential oil without exacerbating the humidity issue. And if your concern just comes down to which choice is more ‘professional’ or slightly more effective, then go with the nebulizer. Because of the smaller particle size of the essential oils released from a nebulizer, the effects are more readily felt and absorbed.

Whether you choose a nebulizer or diffuser for your private label essential oils, rest assured that both choices are excellent ways to use essential oils in your everyday life. Pick the one that feels best for you, and rejoice in the amazing therapeutic and aromatic properties of high quality private label essential oils.