Finding Pure Essential Oil

Essential oils have been used for a variety of purposes for centuries, but even today it can be exceptionally difficult to find pure essential oils. In fact, many essential oil manufacturers make low-quality essential oils that do not have the proper feel or aroma. Luckily, finding pure essential oils can be just as easy as finding a low-quality essential oils, so long as you look in the right place. Here at RainShadow Labs, every essential oil we manufacture is pure and safe to use. We follow the rigorous FDA regulations as well as the Good Manufacturing Practices. We don't stop there, however. In addition to these regulations, we also have in-house quality control testing to be sure our pure essential oils are of the highest possible quality. Before you peruse our online store, let us fill you in on the signs of pure essential oils and the dangers of low-quality essential oils produced by many of our competitors.

Low Quality Essential Oils

While the essential oils made and sold here at RainShadow Labs are pure, many of ur competitors cut corners to keep their costs low. Sadly, this results in a lower grade essential oil, and in some cases, the difference is easily noticeable. Some of the ways you can tell your essential oil is not pure are:
  • Appearance: One of the surefire ways to tell if you have a pure essential oil is simply to look at it. Place a drop of your essential oil on a piece of paper, if there is an oily ring around it, odds are it's not pure and has been diluted. However, some essential oils are oily, such as sandalwood, and chamomile.
  • Cost: Essential oils are concentrated extracts from various plants. Because of this, a lot of raw materials are needed to produce a small amount of essential oils, resulting in a higher price. If you are about to buy essential oils that are significantly lower than other manufacturers, it's likely not pure.
  • Packaging: Another tell-tale sign of impure essential oils is the packaging. Pure essential oils have to be packaged in glass containers because of chemical reaction they have with plastic, so if your essential oils come in plastic packaging, it's not a pure essential oil.

Where to Find Pure Essential Oil

While we have mentioned that many of our competitors sell impure essential oils that have been diluted, there are still manufacturers who make and sell pure essential oils. Obviously, we recommend our wide selection of essential oils as we are positive they are pure. In fact, in addition to our in-house quality control testining, our essential oils are made with vegan-friendly formulas and are packaged, shipped, and marketed with recycled materials.

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As you can see, the purity of essential oils can make all the difference and here at RainShadow Labs, we only sell pure essential oils of the highest quality. You can check our wide selection of essential oils here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 503.366.3413.