Food Grade Essential Oils

Synthetic ingredients in skincare products can cause short and long-term skin irritations. The team at RainShadow Labs has worked with safe and natural ingredients to create cutting edge skincare solutions in nature since 1983. Our food grade essential oils will provide a natural fragrance to any room, and some even use them (sparingly!) for their flavor.

Heal Skin With Anointed Essential Oil Blend

This 100% pure oil blend includes frankincense, amber, and cinnamon essential oils. Our customers love this blend around the holiday season for its warm and sweet notes. This blend works perfectly with Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, and fills any room with deep amber and cinnamon aromas. One additional benefit of this oil is its ability to restore damaged skin. To apply topically, dilute with our premium jojoba oil.

Buddha’s Breath Essential Oil Blend

With ingredients such as lavender, lemon, petit grain, roman chamomile and others, this essential oil blend is fresh, bright, and relaxing. Our customers love using Buddha’s breath essential oil as an aromatherapeutic, meditative aid. Diffuse in a room or apply topically after dilution.

Cacao Essential Oil

Cacao essential oil is one of our most popular food grade oils because of its high amount of vitamin C, antioxidants and exquisite chocolate aroma and flavor. As a potent anti-inflammatory, this premium blend regenerates cell tissue and promotes circulation. Customers looking for a healthy way to add chocolate flavor to any product should try this all-natural blend.

Visit Us Online for Wholesale Prices

As a retail manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers wholesale prices to businesses and individuals looking to engage in large-scale DIY projects or resell natural skin care products. Visit our website for more information about our high-quality food grade essential oils. If you are interested in our private label partnership, call our offices at (503) 366-3413.