Formulating Your Product Line

More and more consumers across the world are buying private label and other independently sourced products as they shift away from name-brand items. The herbal skincare industry is growing at a rate of 9.9%, and researchers continue to reveal side-effects of using products with synthetic ingredients. As the largest organ in the body, healthy skin requires daily maintenance. Skincare products with parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, and other synthetic materials may cause long-term skin irritations and migraines. Provide your customers with natural skincare products that they can use freely and with multiple applications without harming their skin.

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has formulated unique skincare products for businesses of all sizes. We also have a direct line of product available at wholesale prices for your convenience. We harvest all of our ingredients in our 100% wind-powered labs, and weâ€â„¢ve been committed to our zero-waste process for decades. Our friendly customer service team will help you with every step of the private label process, and they are available for an obligation-free consultation. Those looking to grow their business through a private label partnership should visit our website or call (503) 366-3413. RainShadow Labs delivers high-quality, natural and organic skincare products that will help to grow your brand.

How to Formulate a Product Line

If you already have an idea about the kind of product you would like to offer your customers, a customer service representative will discuss your options. Those with an idea for their ideal product or special combination of natural ingredients can call our offices for a quick consultation. The first step in formulating a product line is familiarizing yourself with the kind of ingredients we have to offer.

As a wholesale manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers bulk pricing on a variety of unique skincare products. It is likely that we already offer the perfect blend for your brand. If so, we can expedite the private label process and quickly package and label the product with your personal brand. After finding a packaging and label vendor or using one of our preselected containers, we will manufacture your product and promptly have it on your shelves.

How Private Label Gives You More Control

When a business owner launches a private label brand, they are the sole owners of the product. They can then modify the pricing or tweak the formulation to better appeal to their customers and represent their brand. RainShadow Labâ€â„¢s high-quality, affordable product helps businesses increase their profit margins. The key to any successful private label is quality because customers will continue to shop at your store when they find a reliable product that they love.

Call RainShadow Labs Today to Get Started

Our friendly customer service team makes formulating your product line easy and stress-free. Explore our stock samples online and call our offices at (503) 366-3413. We help businesses grow by providing them with superior lotions, cremes, essential oils, and other skincare products that repair and restore the skin. Help your customers switch to all-natural skincare products and avoid the harmful ingredients in many common name-brand products. Visit our website for wholesale pricing and more information about the private label process.