Free Branding Consultation with Brett!

The initial response to our latest company addition, Mr. Brett Bluth, is enthusiastic to say the least. As a Branding and Design expert, Brett is taking solid companies to the next level, with ease and panache. Here is a peek at what a few of the responses from RSL customers look like and an exclusive, limited time offer of a FREE consulation with Brett!

There is no better time than now to differentiate your brand from the large number of products on the market today. There is no better way to move your line forward than to assure that your brand and logo are performing at their highest potential.

“I just can't even begin to express my enthusiasm and excitement over what direction Brett has come up with for my company. I am not sure who is more excited, me or my husband. I practically had to peel him off the ceiling he was so excited to see the direction Brett has suggested. I wish we had him a year ago! Thank you for Brett. I now know with his direction and expertise my company will be a force to be reckoned with out in the vast landscape of personal care products. I am trying to keep myself from having to go back to work, and can envision now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Brett is my diamond of the week!”
Customer name withheld

“ I have been in business retail ownership for twenty years. I have worked with more than my share of Branding, Design, and Marketing Specialists. I have to say that what Brett was able to do with a minimal financial investment on my part, has hands down been the best investment that I have made yet for my company. He has taken my company from good to over the top. I am beyond thrilled, and so excited and proud to present this new image and brand to my industry.
Thank you so much RainShadow Labs for locating and securing such a stellar talent as Brett Bluth. He is worth every penny and so much more!”
Customer name withheld

Message from Brett:

I will be in the Oregon Rainshadow facilities from October 28th - November 1st meeting with Rainshadow Labs customers to address any branding, logo and packaging needs.

I would like to extend this gratis consultation offered by Rainshadow Labs to assist your line in moving to the next step of success. Here at Rainshadow Labs we succeed when you succeed.

I will be available to discuss with you your current brand status and image. I will provide you with tips to brighten your look that will more effectively reach your demographic and increase it!

I will also be offering you individual tips on:
-How to best manage your brand image
-How to build a style guide
-How to let your brand speak a consistent language
-How to properly place your brand within all website and marketing applications
-How to create, develop and discuss a tag line and marketing promise

To schedule your consultation please call me directly at 801.879.3542
Or via email at

If you are unable to be in the Portland area during this week, please call and arrange for a free consultation via the phone.

Brett’s branding and marketing tip of the month
Branding and packaging speaks to the sub conscious of your customers!
First time buyers of your product “think” they are buying your product, they are not!
They are buying your packaging!

Brett Bluth is our Resident Branding Consultant and Packaging and Design Expert. To contact Brett, email him at
Brett’s talent may very well be THE KEY to your companies’ abundant success!

Click on this link for a complimentary mug shot of our Talent in Residence!!!

We are committed to your success. Have the Best Day Ever.