Fruit Acid Launch

Some skincare combinations feel like magic.

They're what make the products that people swear by.

And deliver results that feel--and look--nothing short of amazing. 

Our current fave magic combination? Botanical hyaluronic acid + gently exfoliating fruit acids.

Put 'em together and you get....RainShadow Labs' new-and-improved Hydro Blast Fruit Acid line!

What makes this combo magic?

To start, our cruelty free botanical hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its own weight in water. So your cells never get a chance to become shriveled, thirsty or sad.

Then, fruit acids do their job without causing any trauma to the skin. Which isn't always the case with other exoliation methods!

Many people, especially those with sensitive skin, actually shy away from regular exfoliation.

Not the case with these little guys! They gently eat away dead skin, make your face glow and skin feel soft and supple.

Hydro Blast Fruit Acid products also include actives like:

  • vitamin E rich jojoba oil
  • free radical fighting pomegranate and green tea extracts
  • and skin restorative panthenol
The result is a truly youthening, gently resurfacing and wonderfully plumping skincare solution.

So many products these days have non-natural ingredient decks. Yet promise natural-product-level results.

With our Hydro Blast Fruit Acid line, you get natural and organic product quality that's fit to compete with other flashy, non-natural products on the market.

It's a win for you. And for your customers.

Each formula has a fun, light pink color and fruity aroma. They'd be great in a spa or as a summer-launched line. And can be used every day, or once a week depending on each person's preference.

Order your samples today: MaskEye GelClarifying Cream.

And email [email protected] to see about adding Hydro Blast Fruit Acid products to your private label line.

RainShadow Labs, 300 Port Ave, St Helens, OR 97051 Ph: 503-366-3413, fax: 503-366-3400, email: [email protected]

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