Galbanum Essential Oil: Botanical DNA Repair

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 9/12/2014 to Oils

True skin care repairs skin at every level, optimizing it for the absolute best integrity infused performance. Skin that is dull, clogged, and damaged requires intelligent support via nature’s own botanical pharmacy. Essential oils are masters at delivering potent plant intelligence to skin that is damaged, dull, and withering. And for struggling skin that needs a botanical boost, look no further than galbanum essential oil.

Galbanum trains your skin to be smart and beautiful through its unique, monoterpene-inspired behavior.  Monoterpenes are present in all essential oils and are the balancing portion of the oil. Their job when it comes to your skin is to restore the correct information needed in the DNA of each cell. See, without the proper program running, your skin cells will behave in faulty ways. The beauty of galbanum essential oil is that it literally goes into your skin cells and re-programs them for radiance.

Just as antioxidants optimize skin function by scavenging for free radicals, so too do monoterpenes optimize skin function by reversing any faulty programming our skin cells may have received. For example when our skin gets sunburned, part of what happens is that the DNA in the cell is damaged from the solar radiation, which in turn leads to premature aging. Monoterpenes go into the sunburned cells and fix this faulty programming, so that your skin can stay young and healthy, longer.

Any time we are looking to heal our skin for the long term we need to look at what’s happening inside our cells. Truly effective natural anti aging skin care heals and reprograms our skin from the cells on out, and that’s exactly what happens with galbanum essential oil. Damaged DNA is repaired and restored to its former biological glory and our skin is then able to function the way nature intended.

When our skin is not in a state of healthy radiance, it cannot perform optimally. Skin becomes more sensitive and is not as effective at soothing and repairing itself. Our natural glow becomes diminished, skin cell turnover is reduced, and collaged production is minimized. When we use an essential oil such as galbanum, our faulty skin cell behaviors are corrected and in turn behave in a way that is conducive to our highest beauty potential. This is the heart of galbanum essential oil’s botanical offering and the essence of true anti aging skin care.